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Job Target For MPs

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We may or may agree with Wipro Chairman Azim Premji's statement that India is a country without leadership. It's his considered view and those who don't agree have the option of disagreeing. What is strange though is the attack on him by former bureaucrat, minister and current Member of Parliament Mani Shankar Aiyar who has dared him to win election.

The counter challenge that could be posed by Mr Premji is to ask Mr Aiyar to employ more than 100,000 young professional and create a lasting, sustainable, value generating organization. Mr Aiyar will find it tough to employ even 10 people directly.

Of course, Mr Premji will never offer this challenge to Mr Aiyar.

But this new trend is a symbol of the bankruptcy of ideas in Indian politics. Instead of accepting the crisis of decision making in the country, political leaders are attempting to undermine the credibility of those who questions.

Any dissent or questioning of government policy or political position is countered by a dare to win an election.

This trend started with anti-corruption movement started by Anna Hazare. The ragtag team follows Anna Hazare and remains confused in their objective. But the political class was so rattled that they dared them to win elections.

The tyranny of the unelected is still clashing with the tyranny of the elected. And the elected few don't like it at all.

The impression this creates is that the election process is a tough, almost insurmountable challenge that can be achieved only by a special few.

Members of Parliament  find winning an election such an onerous task that all other jobs pale in comparison. Anybody who has achieved anything else in any other field pales in comparison with an election win.

Part of the reason behind such thinking is that the elected representatives don't have any particular target to meet after their election. Their only objective seems to be to win the next election.

Therefore they don't understand the exasperation of those who work to goals and achievements.

So here is what I think should be done to make the elected representatives especially Members of parliament more gainfully employed.

All elected representatives should have employment targets. They should be asked or be given a clear target of taking steps of creating jobs in their constituencies. They will have to pursue decisions that will create government or private jobs. They will have the period of 5 years to meet their target.

The prospect of getting re-elected should depend on whether they meet such targets.

Members of the state Legislative Assemblies have an even better chance of ensuring that they create jobs. Since they are closer to the state government they can influence policies.

Candidates who campaign for elections can compete on the number of people they will get employment for. This may seem like a simplistic idea, but it could force each elected representatives to create a lasting contribution to their constituency. 

This will also help them realize frustrations of the industry leaders. When they can't meet targets, expand business and employ more, industry leaders get a sense of failure.

Elected representatives still don't have a benchmark of success or failure for their tenure.  Hopefully, such steps could make them more productive and constructive in their approach.

(Pranjal Sharma is a senior business writer. He can be contacted at [email protected])