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If We Want To Engineer Change We Need To Invest In Ourselves Through Scientific, Quantum Or Holistic Modalities

"Find your inauthenticity. Listen to your heart it will unravel a vivid sound light and colour journey. As long as you have a secret you have a health problem. You become a dustbin. Be visible with all your faults, embrace them," said Meta health master trainer Anu Mehta

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“People treat us the way we treat ourselves. So make sure you treat yourself well,” stresses Sabr Abou-Ibrahimi at an interesting panel session at the six-day Women Economic Forum in Delhi.

Whatever modality you choose to heal yourself, “self” is the most important, much like a parent on a crashing plane who needs to rescue themselves before the children.

If we want to engineer change we need to invest in ourselves through scientific, quantum or holistic modalities.

With the rise of epigenetic stresses, more and more people are looking towards holistic ways to heal.

Many people have crossed over from medicine to alternate healing methods increasingly.

The economics of goodness in holistic healing and integrative medicine is very important to acknowledge and work towards enriching and aggregating.

“As newborns, we were so flexible we could put our toes in our mouth, breathe from our abdomen, we appeared as we were with no layers. As stresses increased, weather conditions changed we started getting more unbending and rigid. Irregular eating and erratic lifestyles brought disease,” highlights Bijal Doshi yoga instructor.

According to her, it is imperative that we look towards integration, to combine different modes of healing along with yoga as it is “Non-invasive and with quantum benefits.” 

Stressing that, “We don’t have to be physically fit or mentally inclined to practice. Gratitude and awareness are important as important as our breath. "The moment the mind makes attachment the breath goes haywire and our lifespan is effected which is determined by the speed of our breath. We as human beings have a choice, unlike animals with short life spans and fast breathing. Our own soul is our guru. Just look at our whole holistic selves and that is where you will find your remedies."

Avital Miller is a wonderful specimen of someone who found her remedy in integrated medicine. After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, she went on a personal journey from medication to meditation, authoring a bestselling book called Healing happens as an outcome.

“I recognized that more people want to know if so many people are healing beyond the doctor's prognosis. The healing that I went through lead to talk of a book and that is where Healing Happens came to life. I engaged with 18 health and healing experts of all different types-East and West medicines sharing what they did to heal others or themselves. People can do sound therapy, tweak their diet, physical therapy, affirmations, meditation and shift mindset. People can essentially gain more awareness that they have a choice. and that is what my book is a compilation of,” she says.

Today women are beginning to master the struggle with the juggle as Maggie Weber calls it. Ange Maya, has multiple roles that she plays-film maker, healer, entrepreneur and all with equal poise. What she finds very rewarding is being a healer.

“30 billion dollars is spent for complementary medicine which is only 1% of whole healthcare spending. People still need to spend more on a holistic approach as it helps you recover sooner and is noninvasive. It has helped my clients greatly. I use herbs and energy both hands off and on, which is a gift of my multiple near-death experiences. The results have been incredible.This is all an outcome of her multiple near-death experiences."

Incidents happen which propel us to change. Shruti Sugewar is no different. 10 years ago she decided to cross over from a career in Computer science to founder of Solace the healing studio. “Up until then the meaning of integration was Math!” she shared. Post the crossover, she added many certifications to her portfolio and has marvelous outcomes for her clients.

All this by just paying attention to her mind and heart.

You don’t necessarily need certifications to be a healer or change agent, Rashmi Chopra founder R2 Solutions said.

“I have always challenged and encouraged myself and do the same with people around me. After multiple roles, I have found great happiness in the CSR space and giving is where my passion lies. In the art of giving, I help mentor women in the startup space. I am fearless and encourage people to be the same."

This is Rashmi's form of integration much like Priyanka Bhatkoti, Principal Maxfort School Dwarka, who creates curriculum around her student's needs whereby there are no two years alike. This facilitates change and transformation because each child is taken into consideration in decision making. She has made a vow to keep each child engaged.

What we most often overlook in our lives are the unconscious vows our mind makes with the disease. 

Meta health master trainer Anu Mehta believes that at the core of each disease is a secret. Anu was abused as a child and kept it in the dark recesses of her mind till an EFT session brought it to light.

"Find your inauthenticity. Listen to your heart it will unravel a vivid sound light and colour journey. As long as you have a secret you have a health problem. You become a dustbin. Be visible with all your faults, embrace them. Meta is above the health paradigm. If you want to heal yourself is have a vision.We all go through challenges and they make you take responsibility for your life,” she says.

And like Sabr Abou-Ibrahimi Founder, Com’Partner from Morocco stressed:

“Tune into your survival and remember the qualities of PEPS-

  • Perseverance and Encouragement
  • Passion
  • Self-care

Because people will always treat us the way we treat ourselves.”

It is all in your hands.

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