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I Overheard My Name Being Discussed In A Closed Door Meeting Of The Seniors Where My Boss Questioned My Productivity. Though Nobody Officially Blamed Me Of Anything, The Incident Disturbed Me A lot. I Can’t Concentrate On My Work. What Should I Do?

The higher-ups in our company regularly have private meetings, which are usually very hush-hush behind closed doors. During a recent meeting of theirs, the door was left open and I could hear bits and pieces of their conversation. I overheard my name and my boss questioning my productivity. I am quite disturbed.

Divya Nagpal, Life Coach And Executive Coach

Your career is of paramount importance. Most of the professionals miss out on taking feedback from their peer groups and supervisor regarding their work. To address the situation you have mentioned, ask for a specific time from your boss to discuss your work. Pro-activeness will help you. This will give you a clear picture and eliminate the ambiguity in your mind. Have an open and objective discussion. Be calm in the meeting, reacting will make things worse. So have an objective meeting with focus on your KRAs or work, timelines that you have delivered. Make notes. Your manager may demand tasks which are beyond your KRAs or not conveyed earlier to you. Do not jump neither into acceptance nor denial. Ask for more time if required, for you to come back with a concrete answer to him. All the very best.

Manish Puri, Business Consultant & Coach 

Do nothing. Anticipation of bad news is called anxiety. If you wish to anticipate, anticipate the following:
- What could they be talking about?
- they could be praising me and talking about my productivity as an example or to reward me or for any other positive outcome.
OR they could be concerned about my productivity as I haven’t been able to do well so far. For either of those, have your authentic & logical response ready. Remember, the maximum that can happen is:
- you will lose your job. And that means nothing. You still have you.
My apologies for being so drastic in my response, all I mean to emphasise on is: it’s just a job. That’s all. It doesn’t define who you are. You define who you are and that’s way bigger than any job.