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I Am 35 & Working As A VP In A Manufacturing Company. It Is A Young Age For That Kind Of Position. My Peers Are Elder To Me And My Juniors Are Confused About How To Treat Me. I Am Failing To Create A Social Circle Within The Company. What Can I Do?

While my performance and authority is not questioned, I hardly have any colleague with whom I can have lighter talks.

Arpita Kuila, Senior HR Leader

I can empathise. The way forward is to do your job to the best of your abilities. Treat your peers and juniors with respect. Show your peers, who are senior to you in age, that you value their experience and wisdom. Always listen to people first before sharing your point of view and opinion. Show in your manner and work that you are here for the good of the organisation and are supportive to those who think the same. As long as you don’t rub in the fact that you are senior and that you think your designation is the most important thing. You will find in time things will sort themselves out. You will form bonds and relationships as well. It may not be the same as having friends in your age group, however, it will be enriching in its own way.

Manish Puri, Business Consultant & Coach

Essentially making friends and sustaining strong relationships are about building two things with people- Trust & Respect. In order to know where you stand on both parameters, carry out a feedback session with people who count to learn more about yourself so that you can take action and correct yourself.
Also remember, people like those who are helpful, friendly, non threatening and not egoistic. See how you can develop yourself on these as well.