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Rachna Chhachhi

Rachna Chhachhi is a certified holistic cancer coach and a nutritional therapist. She works across 21 countries to treat patients for cancer, autoimmune and lifestyle related diseases.

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How Not To Burn Yourself

Don’t eat roadside foods. Unless you trust the source, avoid fresh juices, junk foods like paani puri, cut fruits or salads outside

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Joke I heard recently was about a cartoon showing God in heaven’s kitchen, and his angel asking, “God, what are you cooking?” And God saying, “Delhi.” While the joke brought a smile to my face, but most of India is simmering right now. In coastal areas this may be short-lived due to the monsoons, but for the rest, it’s a long and hot journey ahead. So how do you keep your cool and stay ahead of the game when all you want to do is sleep with the air conditioner on or loll in the swimming pool? Below are some rescue tips:

Drink water. The human tendency is to look for “cooling” drinks because water becomes inefficient in quenching your thirst, and you add on calories unnecessarily, especially since all the body needs to hydrate is actually water. If you want cooling drinks, stick to cucumber and mint juice, water with Electral if you’ve been in the heat too long and cold coconut water.

Avoid coffee and alcohol. Both will increase your body temperature.

Get chick blinds for home and office. These materials cool the room faster and reduce consumption of air-conditioners.

Wear cotton clothes. Especially underwear. A lot of people get rashes or fungal infections in their private parts in the summer. Keeping them dry and wearing cotton inner wear helps avoid infections. Don’t use powders, wipe private parts dry with a tissue.

Supplement with zinc, vitamin C and B. Both are water-soluble vitamins, and deplete fast when you sweat. Depletion of these causes a low feeling and make you prone to seasonal allergies and infection. Have a good B-complex tablet with 500 mg vitamin C after breakfast, 500 mg vitamin C and 15 mg zinc after lunch and 500 mg vitamin C after dinner. Vitamin C also lowers blood pressure so you’ll be surprised how cool you feel in the scorching heat.

Don’t eat roadside foods. Unless you trust the source, avoid fresh juices, junk foods like paani puri, cut fruits or salads outside. If making these at home, wash everything properly. If your household help has not been taught to wash salads properly, make sure you give him a demo.

Look after people at risk. Older people, people with bronchial and heart issues, blood pressure, small babies and patients recovering from a stroke or those who have Parkinson’s, dementia or Alzheimer’s are at higher risks for heat strokes. Keep them in a cool place.

Recognise the symptoms. If you or someone you know feels claustrophobic, dizzy, confusion, weakness, chest pain, breathlessness, cramps, seek medical help immediately.

Question Of The Fortnight
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I attended one of your workshops and try to incorporate what you say: eat 50% raw, have healthy proteins and exercise 4-5 days a week. But when I travel everything goes for a toss. My job entails entertaining big clients at fancy places, how do I keep up the regime?
— Andre Gomes, 37, Mumbai

Dear Andre,
Congratulations Andre for incorporating all this. When you entertain, ask for mixed nuts and a salad on the side, stick to a white wine spritzer or red wine, order a grilled fish or egg salad without dressing for the main course. Let your clients order the sinful stuff, you’ll still be seen eating and drinking with them without eating the bad stuff! That way, you can keep your balance too. And yes, add a good multivitamin after breakfast. After 35 years, everyone living and working in a large city needs it.

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