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How Can I Learn Basics Of Entrepreneurship Through Pro-Wrestling?

Some key ideas about entrepreneurship that can be imbibed from pro wrestling include:

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Professional wrestling is an array of sports and entertainment that combines athletics with theatrical performance. It takes the form of events, held by different firms at different venues across the world, that mimic a title-match sport. The unique form of sport portrayed is based on mat wrestling, with modern mix of hard-hitting attacks, strength-based holds and throws and acrobatic maneuvers. Much of these derive following the success of boxing and various international martial arts. An additional aspect of combat with weaponry including tables, ladders and chairs are sometimes included to different degrees.

The entire monopoly of the outcomes eventually depends on the individual perception and popularity of the wrestling stars including numerous storylines with a subtle art of storytelling. The entire program is driven by audience responses and is tailor-made to be the most engaging for them. 

Pro-Wrestling and entrepreneurship might be an unusual comparison but there are striking similarities that can be observed. The power of creating an impact exists between companies and their customers just like the pro wrestling environment. There is an immense role that one’s professional identity and brand image plays in spreading the words for your product or services. The identity in pro-wrestling is termed as Gimmick. Especially in the case of small case businesses, the early perception of the business ideals and reputation talks volumes about its skills and expertise in the craft. Once a strong brand identity is established, one has a dedicated customer base to cater to which can then be developed further. 

Some key ideas about entrepreneurship that can be imbibed from pro wrestling include:

  1. Establishing your brand and adapting to the changes

Brand is established in Pro-Wrestling through Gimmick and storyline going with the ability to counter moves and win matches. Let’s take an example of Chris Jericho from 2017/18. 

Chris Jericho is a professional wrestler who has fought matches in numerous countries of the world. He has won different title belt and is considered one among the best. He is currently 48 years old. He was considered past his prime and on the verge of eventual retirement in 2017.

But then, “the list of Jericho” happened. He came up with a role-play where he would write the names of wrestlers, who he found stupid, on a piece of paper and maintain it. The would then challenge those wrestlers for a match and a lot of fresh rivalries took shape instantly. The rivalries included his trademark style to adding names on his list and then fighting those fellow wrestlers. The list went viral and he became the talk of the wrestling business again. The sound of his pen scribbling those names were widely cheered by the crowd week after week. He was back as the best in the world yet again.

Establishing your brand is important but adapting to the changes has its own necessity. The launch of Instagram created a whole new dimension for the businesses to penetrate the young audience. A lot of customized T-Shirt selling startups took shape and found costumers on the social media app. Every brand on Instagram has a gimmick attached to it. The Souled Store will sell merchandises during IPL and Instagram became their one of the biggest audiences. Adapting to the changes and establishing your brand through the art of storytelling is an important lesson in entrepreneurship.

  1. Be original

The value of an original identity cannot be emphasized enough. It can be tempting to idealize a certain formula that has been observed to be working in the market. However, just like each wrestler has a selling index, something special about them that cannot be found elsewhere; your brand needs to create a value that is unique. The “Never Give Up” narrative of John Cena helps him sell tickets wherever he fights. He uses it in his match and kicks out of finishers over and over and again and again that goes with his role play. A new and fresh idea is crucial for sustenance amidst so many brands having similar taglines.

  1. Showcase yourself as a winner

Even if your brand is inexperienced and fairly new to the business, a portrayal of a winning attitude is a must. In pro wrestling, some stars maintain their popularity even when they are scripted to lose some matches. WWE Hall of Fame inductee Shawn Michaels has lost more matches than he has won. Still, he is considered a showstopper because his matches are awe-inspiring and he has always been portrayed as a winner even if he loses more than winning.

This is because he is seen as a winner by the audiences. A winning attitude should be your shield through all the highs and lows of your brand in different ventures.

  1. Don’t let out your trade formula

In the generation of transparency, one tends to tell too much about their process and ideas. If a pro wrestler gave in every detail about their strategy and approach then perhaps a Chokeslam wouldn’t appear to be all that impactful!  Randy Orton is still money because of his finishing move “RKO outta Nowhere”. His finishing move always comes out of nowhere that that clicks with the audience. A subtle sense of mystery can help to build a sense of admiration towards the good work that your brand does. It sets it apart from the regular businesses that people know all too well.

  1. A strong reputation is fundamental

Some wrestlers are able to maintain a high rank in the business despite lacking the perfect physique or skills for the craft. Their work is shielded by an excellent reputation that has been engrained into the minds of the audience. Rey Mysterio being an example. He is wrestling for 20 years and has also won the WWE Championship twice even without a perfect physique.  The same applies to the reputation of your brand. You need to remain relevant in the minds of people. This is key to keep your customers loyal and coming back to you for services repeatedly.

  1. Radiate confidence

A very simple but important step towards strengthening your identity is looking confident. The main attraction for the audiences in pro wrestling is the long confident talks that the stars give before a match starts. It not only sets a mood for a match that they are now hooked onto but also makes it look as though they know every bit of what they’re about to do. Display absolute confidence in all your interactions with your audience. This is important to provide a sense of trust and reliability towards your brand.

Thus, pro wrestling techniques are intertwined in many ways with strategies for an effective business. Think of yourself to be a professional wrestling star and take your brand to new heights with confidence.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article above are those of the authors' and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of this publishing house. Unless otherwise noted, the author is writing in his/her personal capacity. They are not intended and should not be thought to represent official ideas, attitudes, or policies of any agency or institution.

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Nikhil Chandwani

Nikhil is an author of 13 books, Public Speaker and CEO and Founder of Writers’ Rescue Centre and Walnut Discoveries Pvt. Ltd. He holds Genius Indian of the year for 2017/18 and a National Award from Government of India. He has also taken numerous sessions as a Visiting Professor with IIT-Roorkee, XLRI Jamshedpur and IIT Madras. He has multiple careers in travel script writing, entrepreneurship, professorship and brand leadership.

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