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How All Of Us Have Mental Disorder

The simple difference between a successful, healthy and happy person and us is that they drive their mind while we are driven by our mind!

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"Our quality of life, thus wellbeing, is not a victim of our busy life and hard work as much as it is of growing hopeless through such situations.  Each such occurrence erodes our trust in self and the faith in life".

She would always get enthusiastic to go on a date and enter a relationship. She had learnt from her previous multiple failures in relationships that she must go slow. However, once in, no learnings worked for her; she again throws herself into the relationship and once again lands up with the same rotten feeling of being rejected, unloved and used. It is out of her control to not get attracted to a new prospect, which she finds being eternally optimistic.

Each time he felt a service provider such as a restaurant or a shop had lapses in service delivery, he would lose his cool and would fight in rage. For him, it meant the provider tried fooling him, only to realize, later, that he overreacted.

Do you feel a resonance at just a mention of these 2 regular, normal, cases?

Well, none of these is an exception but rather a norm in our daily lives with friends, family and even strangers on the road (ever heard of the so-called road rage). We react without knowing, only to realize later that it was not worth it or regret being out of control. No previous learning or knowledge works in such situations.

Mental Disorder is a state in which we do not have control on our behaviour or on our feelings or on our thoughts. They get triggered in us by some external or internal situation. For example, old trauma, when invoked, may trigger obsessive thoughts; and in that moment, we feel completely incapable or unstable to contain ourselves. No one, including our own selves, identifies it as a disorder; for what is seen outwardly is the "managed" stability & composure. All of this, whilst internally feeling nervous and fearful or unloved. This is the exact point where your conscious and subconscious are split and are at war to win over the other. Such is not the case when you are in love or when you are living a life pursuing your passion. There your heart ( subconscious) and your mind( conscious) is one.

The difference between people like us and the one suffering from the clinically proven mental disorder lies in the intensity, the periodicity and the time interval of such occurrence. When such occurrence grows against these three parameters, we turn unstable in managing our lives; and are conferred as mentally sick. This is where we turn to external intervention to somehow gain stability.

All of us have a mental disorder, but not all of us suffer from it to be classified as mentally sick. We work hard to control it, to remain stable and somehow continue to survive. It deteriorates our quality of life, directly affecting our well-being. Imagine this woman, who has now stopped meeting a new prospect for a relationship and this man who now does not visit any restaurant. It wouldn't be tough to imagine the kind of force & energy that would be required to change the natural course of action or the so-called "patterns"! Our quality of life, thus wellbeing, is not so much a victim of our busy schedules and hard work as much as it is of growing hopeless through such situations.  Each such occurrence erodes our trust in self and the faith in life. We either turn more insecure and try to control our environment or withdraw and turn depressed. This creates a rather vicious downward spiral. It is like a sinking ship; where one by one, we start to off-load every aspiration to beat the growing hopelessness.

The simple difference between a successful, healthy and happy person and us is that they drive their mind while we are driven by our mind!

The mind has no mind beyond its purpose to make us survive. Its main function is to regulate, control or suppress an emotion. Gradually, almost all emotions are repressed and the body chemistry changes, due to the fact that a good amount of life force energy from every breath has gone into suppressing such emotions. It is like an unaccounted, loss-making division of the company which is burning cash every moment.

Emotions are created in each moment. They are an outcome of our experiences and each moment, we live, is an experience. Our experiences are based on our belief and our belief are based on our experience. And this is where logic begins to fade and a mystery begins. This, exactly, is the loud cry of spirituality; to turn inward to discover the internal algorithms which are shaping the law of attraction. The purpose of any emotion is to move through us. It is not in its nature to stay inside us unless we control it through our mind.

In order to reverse mental disorder- clinically proven or otherwise, there is a simple process of acknowledging your emotions and accepting them. Once, they come into the realm of awareness, the mind has no role to play to control them. This releases your life force energy and makes it available for the present moment; thus, giving you the power of focus for your aspirations and goals.

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Naveen Varshneya

The author is the author of the book "Meditation-The Cure" and the founder of Health and Wellbeing company The book is about how distress, disorder and disease are formed and the ways to reverse them. He has been training people for seven years to become an expert in experiencing the cure within.

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