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Health & Fitness: Food For The Soul

Different energies have different impacts on our body. While Reiki works for the health and well-being of the psychic, physical and emotional aspects of our body, pyramid therapy heals all kinds of ailments and diseases

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How far will you go in your quest to eat healthy? Presumably, you watch what you eat, make sure you are having only nutritious, organic food. Now imagine if this food could be made even healthier with the impact of various energies such as Reiki, pyramid, music and quartz crystals. While one is not sure if there is any direct impact of such energy-charged foods, those who practice alternative healing therapies such as Reiki believe that it rejuvenates the food, making it more nutritious. “Whatever we eat gives us energy and when a food item is charged with Reiki, it increases its energy, nutrition value and live force energy, rejuvenating it. It helps in natural cleansing of toxins, releases blockage and helps in the natural healing of the body,” says Meetu Sehgal, a Delhi-based Reiki Grand Master.

Adds Vinay Garg, CEO of Neelvow Corporation that has recently introduced energy-charged salt and sugar in the market, “I will tell you up front that there is no direct impact of energy-charged foods on your physical health. Reiki is one of the many forms of energy that is used to activate, harmonise and reconnect the self with universal energy. By treating our food with the energies, we synchronise an individuals’ chakras, which leads to a balance in the thought levels. The energies create a positive vibe by aligning the seven chakras in your body, which have an indirect impact on your physical health.” Neelvow has a 1500 sq ft lab in Delhi where the vibrations from four different energies — Reiki, pyramid, quartz and music — are used to treat packets of salt and sugar for 48 hours for maximum impact. The floor and walls of the lab are made of crystal grids and behind the grid instrumental music plays all day long in the form of vibrations. The salt and sugar absorbs all the positive energy from these vibrations and when consumed has a positive impact on you.

“This is because food, besides providing nourishment, also affects our appearance, moods, weight, energy and the aging process. We know that food helps the body to repair itself, but few know that it also helps to heal our mind and soul. Basically, Reiki food therapy is a technique by which the foods can be charged by using the four environmental energies. It can help people balance and harmonise their emotions and align the seven chakras present in the body,” says Garg.

Garg plans to launch energy-charged wheat, water and pulses soon.

Energy and its impact
Different energies have different impacts on our body. While Reiki works for the health and well-being of the psychic, physical and emotional aspects of our body, pyramid therapy heals all kinds of ailments and diseases. A pyramid has the power to deflect any type of cosmic radiation that falls on its apex. The gravitational force of the earth creates a bio-energy field in it. This energy can be stored or transferred metaphysically for the well-being of a person.

Music therapy works as food for the soul. Music makes one more joyful, social and aligns one to one’s creative self, making it therapeutic. Quartz crystals help synchronise the seven chakras leading to wellness and balance. The healing energy of the crystals can be harnessed to cure many diseases.

These energies are considered highly effective in reinventing our inner soul, balancing and harmonising our emotions, enhancing mental clarity and creativity, facilitating personal, professional and spiritual growth and maintaining a positive state of mind.

But how do these energies impact the food we eat? In order to understand how this therapy works, one will first have to understand that everything around us — animate and inanimate — has its unique energy. Just as Reiki uses hands to heal an injury, it is possible to provide Reiki to the food we eat to increase the energy that is present and bring down the negativity. For example, in Japan people believe that giving Reiki to the food will make it taste better and it is a common practice to give Reiki to their food before eating. Japan, also has pyramid zones where people stand absorbing all the positive energy to recharge themselves just before a meeting.

Peace of mind, clarity of thought, reduction of stress, and a more positive outlook on life are just the need of the hour for a healthy life ahead. Consuming these energy-charged foods, may just do that. Even if they don't, you can be rest assured that they will not have a negative effect, on you either. So go ahead, give energy-charged foods a try, there’s no harm.

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