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Foundations Of Sound Mental Health

Sky is the limit once we deprogram ourselves from our limiting beliefs. Beneath the filters of beliefs, ego and values, life and existence is exactly how it should be - peaceful and wholesome

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Sound mental health helps us to live our lives wholesomely with a sense of well-being. Though this seems to be an adult state of mind, how we have been brought up and conditioned through our growing years plays an important role. Positive up-bringing helps us to be confident of dealing with anything that happens to us in our lives. Chronic stress and anxiety are banished since we are confident of our ability to handle life as it happens. Along with physical health, mental health is equally important. We take medical help for illnesses or accidents that happen at a physical level. But we hesitate to seek help for any mental health issues and even consider it as a taboo. However, our mind needs help just like our body does.  How many of us feel assured of our ability to manage our life?Rather, we find ourselves questioning if we will be able to manage life situations like our work, finances, families, etc.

If our state of mind is positive and resourceful, stress and worries would not happen. The roots to this issue largely stem from our belief system. Belief systems are inculcated in our growing up years mainly from the age group of 0-8 years. This is the age group that we call as "impressionable age". Our mind has  conscious and subconscious components to it. The subconscious comprises of 88-90 % of the mind whereas the conscious is 10-12 %. Though the conscious commands,  it is the subconscious that drives the result. Hence we go through an inner tussle when the conscious wants to do something yet the subconscious does not believe it is possible. The subconscious is programmed in our childhood years with inputs from our parents, society, and environment. During this time, belief systems, values, ideas about life and ourselves are made based on what inputs we receive. This eventually becomes the filter through which we live our life. For example, if a child is under of lot of pressure to study and is unable to cope up with it, he or she may grow up with the belief of feeling incapable of handling things in life. Which is an incapacitating belief rather than feeling I can handle anything or I am equipped to deal with life. Later as a grown up, the person may struggle to prove that he or she is capable. This is how beliefs become our reality. Hence, it is imperative that the right and healthy attitudes are inculcated in children.

The subconscious mind is a huge memory bank with unlimited potential. It stores everything that has happened to us and forms patterns and associations. So, one incident triggers another. The subconscious mind does not recognize the concept of time. Everything is happening in the "now". Which is the reason traumas and incidents "play out" with the same intensity as they happened without losing their charge.

What is sowed in the early age is what we reap later in our lives. Feeling competent, likeable and important in one's own life is a natural healthy state of mind. If it is not so, we need to examine what are the belief systems we hold that stop us from feeling so. Trace the belief system to its origins, from where it began. In most cases, it starts with the parents. Who in turn are just bringing up their children with what they believe to be the best for their children. This is how familial patterns propagate. Check for areas where you struggle or are not working for you. Examine what is the underlying belief system and if it working for you. Question if this is true. If it had merit in the past, check if it still holds any value and how does this benefit you. Constant self searching is the key to better yourself.  Sometimes it may require the help of an experienced therapist to help. Seek help with the same ease as you approach a doctor for any physical issues. We are generally unaware of how the subconscious reacts. It helps to step back, disassociate and take dispassionate view instead of being reactive.

Sky is the limit once we deprogram ourselves from our limiting beliefs. Beneath the filters of beliefs, ego and values, life and existence is exactly how it should be - peaceful and wholesome.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article above are those of the authors' and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of this publishing house. Unless otherwise noted, the author is writing in his/her personal capacity. They are not intended and should not be thought to represent official ideas, attitudes, or policies of any agency or institution.

Revati Dighe

The author is HR professional with over 14 years expereince, Revati has founded Sound Solutions India and works with people to improve upon their strengths and overcome challenges using a blend of alternate healing and psycho-therapeutic techniques

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