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Five Things You Should Do To Be Happy At Work

Monday Blues haunt office people more than anything. There are countless benefits of finding happiness in a job. Here are five things you should do to be happy at work:


Monday Blues haunt office people more than anything. There are countless benefits of finding happiness in a job. Better employee engagement brings in better productivity at work. Happiness at work brings more energy and dedication from employees at work.

Here are five things you should do to be happy at work:

1. Accomplishment.

A sense of accomplishment is one of the strongest drivers of happiness. When the employees know their work has an impact on the working of the company, they feel more responsible and put in more efforts to see the results they have achieved. Always set realistic targets for yourself and put in the hard yards to complete it on time. Make small progress each day or week, and check its progress on a regular basis. Look for feedback on your work and look for techniques to work smart.

2. Positivity

A negative mind is the house of demons. You will have multiple thoughts cross through your mind and make you question your work. Positivity is the second biggest driver of happiness in workplace which can come through appreciation at work. Recognition at work can be a simple vote of thanks or through mail, as well as in forms of salary hike. However, lack of recognition doesn’t mean you are underperforming, but can also mean a lack of communication between you and bosses. You can always go and ask for feedback.

3. Self- governance

It is another major factor for happiness. Nothing boosts the confidence of an employee than taking some decisions about your work on your own. Steering your own ship gives a sense of responsibility and commitment. Pity for those who have little or no control over their work. Don’t be afraid or hesitate to ask for more work or responsibility for yourself. Also, make it clear to the hiring managers that you are ready for responsibility and ready to take up challenges.

4. Involve in work

Involve yourself in work that makes you proud. Be proud of the work you do and also the organisation you work for. You can be proud of the company for the ethics they follow and the cultural fit. Brag for sure about your organisation you work in. If you can’t, you need to ponder over the things that are holding you back. Along with the organisation, get involved in work that shows your value to the organisation and brag about your work. If you don’t seem to fit in a particular team or a particular work, you always have an option to switch. But, you must be happy and proud about the work you do.

5. Co-working

If your team stands by you, you can get through every difficult situation in office. Good terms with employees are likely to make you twice happier than other employees. Develop a relationship with your colleagues outside office. Talk to them about things in general, about their life, their likings and disliking. Find out their interests, which is one of the best ways to connect with people. Once you mingle with them, it is the vibe you get from them that makes it either worthwhile or look for other options.

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