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Feed Your Brain At Home Reading These Interesting Books To Fight With COVID- 19

While we lock ourselves at home to stay safe from the battle of COVID- 19, why not indulge in the habit of reading and increasing knowledge by means of some of these interesting books.

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R K Mohapatra's Book 'Mutual Funds: A Powerful Investment Avenue for Individuals'- Published by Blue Rose Publishers; Available on Amazon

The book, "Mutual Funds: A Powerful Investment Avenue for Individuals" is to enlighten readers, especially the youngsters on how to invest, instruments in which to invest, and where to get started. The book in meticulous introduction running into 182 pages and six chapter is a simple guide about the Mutual fund's products that describes the benefit of investing in various types of mutual funds along with future growth of mutual funds in India. As a financial expert, Mohapatra’s objective is to spread knowledge to the investors, which is indirectly supports the Ministry of Corporate Affairs- Investor's Awareness Programme. 

Surabhi Verma’s Book ‘ And she quit her job’- Available on Amazon/ Read on good reads

Surabhi verma’s book And she quit her job inspires millennials to break the cycle of 9 to 5 jobs and go for an unconventional successful career option. The book is a step by step guide on how to build a career as a freelancer and make it right. It delves deep into various scenarios of how the writer breaks the cycle of working into 9 to 5 jobs and builds a sustainable career outside, thus doing the exact millennial thing.

The author believes that her book ‘And She Quit Her Job’ is written for millennials who are stuck in a never-ending rat race and urges them to think beyond the conventional.

Sarang Mahajan’s book “Inkredia: Luwan of Brida”- Published by Gloryburg Publishing; Available on Flipkart and Amazon

It is a Fiction where Inkredia is a land where humans and non-humans live together in balance, but without ever facing each other, unless… they must. When seventeen-year-old Luwan finds himself in a grave danger, he has to make a daring choice. The village that kept him safe all these years can’t protect him anymore. Either he can stay and die or he can enter the dangerous world outside and make journey to a city that will keep him and his sister safe. But there is a good chance that this journey itself will kill him.

Dr. Vaijayanthi Subramanian book 'Love Letters with Spelling Mistakes'- Published by Think Tank Publishers; Available on Amazon and Flipkart 

The book is a collection of short stories that talks about 8 stories of women with education, talents, viewed as advantages, in urban India facing challenges. A budding psychiatrist, a survivor of child sexual abuse has to treat a pedophile in a country that has no mandatory reporting of a pedophile yet. What does she do? An independent educated girl faces a boyfriend, jealous of her past and she wonders if a sense of belonging bestows freedom or territorialism? As a renowned scientist loses all his memory, yet remembers his wife, we wonder if love is finally  amemory. A mother meets another mother who sacrificed her child in an act of adoption, realizes poverty can exploit you of your own womb. Then a talented actor finds it hard to pretend a role that she is truly playing in life.  Fame often hides a private shame and she walks out of tryst with fame. What happens when father’s attractive woman admirer enters a middleclass house hold? How does a girl child reconcile to the fact that father and mother have differences?  Is a girl child still unwanted in a well to do family? These stories show you glimpses of life that you do not see, but want to take a look behind the curtains and tables.

Aarti V Raman book “The Worst Daughter Ever”- Published by Rupa Publications; Available on Amazon, Flipkart

The Worst Daughter Ever is a story about family, failed expectations and self-perception. The book is told entirely from heroine LJ Raghavan's h rites. So, LJ has to go home and face her cousins and her mom and dad who are perpetually disappointed in her life choices. Then there is the family lawyer, Banjeet 'Ben' Dewar who LJ is very attracted to because, hello! good guy lawyer who looks hot. How LJ navigates the two weeks and resolves all her internal and external conflicts, whether she and Ben get together form the plot of the book.

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