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Shivjeet Kullar

The author is a legendary ad man who has won over a 100 awards in his career. He is also an author, a novelist a playwright and song writer. Now he has founded the unusual and powerful website which helps power other websites, brands and businesses ahead

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Family Or Friends

Family rocks! They love you they support you they make you feel you belong. They are like a soft blanket – the expensive kind with feathers inside!

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1. What’s better?

Family or Friends?

2. Family or Friends?

So we’ve all heard the different great thoughts.
‘There’s nothing like a friend.’

 ‘In the all that matters is family.’

 But what’s the truth. Which one is more important? 

I think the first thing to think about here, is where you are. If you are in India then Family is really important because of the culture. On the other hand if you are in America, in many cases the ties are are not so strong. 

Another really important thing is how old you are. When you are a baby then you need your mother’s milk to survive, and Friends are just other small babies who do potty around you. But then as you grow older Friendship grows stronger. I was in Mayo, a boarding school and for years and years it was all about Friends, while Family was a necessity. However now at my ripe age of fifty plus Family is definitely more important.

It’s also about what you need. When you want to have fun and enjoy the vibrancy of life Friends are more important. However if you need help support and caring then it’s mostly about Family.

There are two kinds of Family. The kind that you are born into and the one you make. You’re Mom Dad and Siblings are the first kind. Then comes your wife, kids and grandkids. At some point I guess they all mix together to become a combined family for you.
Friends also evolve over time. When you are in school or college you are often drawn to high energy and personable friends – and probably have lots of them. Later in life when you actually need help you find to your surprise that some who thought were your friends are actually not.

If you are lucky there would be three of four of you who remain friends from 8 to 80.

There are many interesting thoughts on this.
‘Hali'kha im kha'ver ba'khoshekh adifa al hali'kha levad ba'or’ – in Jewish this means- Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.

‘Un vrai ami est celui qui entre quand le reste du monde sort’ a beautiful thought in French - A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.

The world also has many views on Family. One really incisive thought I love is – ‘By the time you realise your mother is right your daughter realises you are wrong.’
And it’s well worth noting that the iconic ‘Twamev Mata Ch Pita’…first talks about family then Friendship.

So now it’s time to vote.

Do you feel that Friends are more important or Family.

For me it’s no doubt.


Family rocks! They love you they support you they make you feel you belong. They are like a soft blanket – the expensive kind with feathers inside!
In fact I think it’s a real pity we don’t treat our Family better. We go out and drink with our Friends and then bring our hangover home to our Family.

There’s only one thing better than Family.

And that’s Family who are Friends!

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