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Ergonomics At Workplace Showcases Your Care Towards Your Employees: Coach Deepali Gupta

Implementing Ergonomics in the workplace with regular training for posture awareness demonstrates employers concern for their employees.

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Humans were designed for hunting, walking, and running and not sitting on a desk for hours. We might damage our joints and spine by not following proper body postures. Many popular research studies suggests that poor workplace posture may lead to lifelong health issues such as back and neck pain.

At workstations, people work for long hours while engrossed in work. Due to prolonged sitting hours, workers rarely change their postures. Hence, it's time to prioritise a session on ergonomics in the office. Implementing Ergonomics in the workplace with regular training for posture awareness demonstrates employers concern for their employees.

While working on the PC with the faulty posture, the body learns those faulty patterns and gradually develops a poor posture. Poor posture leads to multiple health problems as it adds stress to the muscles and bone joints. This can add issues like fatigue and even give chronic pain.

When someone has spinal problems, it is due to years of repetitive injury to the spine like sitting in bad posture at workplace, which is precipitated by a single occurrence. This ends up giving issues like Musculoskeletal diseases and other problems like Disc prolapse,cervical radiculopathy,forward head posture,carpal tunnel and tendonitis, and many more.

Other adverse conditions associated with poor posture are:

Diminished Lung Function - Hunching or leaning can help people get some air to breathe, but it can also strain the diaphragm. Chronic slouching can cause problems with lung capacity, which can be lowered by up to 30%. This pushes the body to activate the stress mode. Shallow breathing is the most common cause of unintentional stress, which can exacerbate lifestyle diseases.

Poor Circulation - Sitting is the new smoking; sitting all day in a bad posture can lead to problems. Sitting in poor postures can lead to poor blood circulation. It can exacerbate issues and can cause varicose veins.

Digestive Issues - It's possible to feel light while standing at the desk. Slouching, for example, might harm abdominal organs and keep the digestive tract in an incorrect position. This can lead to issues like improper digestion, heartburn, and potentially a nutritional deficiency. Also, the lousy shape of the digestive tract further reduces metabolism.

Fortunately, all of these problems can be avoided.

Regular workshops for employees for awareness of posture is critical apart from setting up the ergonomics at the workplace. Empowering employees with knowledge about good sitting and working biomechanics assist in improving their health. The relevance of ergonomics in the office and how it improves employee health is self-evident. A company that takes proactive steps to care for its employees' postural mechanics indirectly demonstrates its concern and reduces absenteeism due to these crippling disorders. It helps to boost production and makes the whole thing is a win-win situation.