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Driving the Future Through Personal Leadership

With many leaders from different corners of the world, the panel discussion aimed at bringing out diverse ideas of how and what personal leadership is all about. Through life-experiences and stories around them, people shared the colors of the different societies and how leadership is perceived

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With many leaders from different corners of the world, the panel discussion aimed at bringing out diverse ideas of how and what personal leadership is all about. Through life-experiences and stories around them, people shared the colors of the different societies and how leadership is perceived.

First speaker was Rina Barbut (business consultant, Pre Sale – Post Sale, Israel) said, “I want to talk about leadership style. Self-actualization is very important for career, personal and professional development. An organization should support their employees, appreciate them, motivate them, guide them and provide opportunities for their growth. If a business grows, it’s everyone success belongs to that business and if a business fails then its failure for everyone. Each person has different skills set. Some choose to lead but some not. Each person sets an example for others.”

Magda Kay (Internet Marketing Specialist / Life Coach, Poland) came up on stage the next talking about vibrations and energies. She said, “There good people and bad people, the vibes we get from just meeting people let us know that. Some people who disrespect women, may not want to listen. I have been working on this goal to make them listen, since many years. In my career, through trial and error method, I’ve come to learn which way doesn’t work. Convincing is one of the most powerful tools of a leader, a leader should know when it’s time for healing and when it’s time for action. Let people develop their own course, of solutions, don’t be dictator, be a facilitator. Let people fight their own causes of destruction, depression, stress, it may take a long time, but a leader needs to keep patience. Punishing a child doesn’t work, sitting down and making him understand really does. I am coach, but I also need help sometimes.”

Next in line was Brenda Cuby (founder, BC Training Ltd, Spain) who explained the importance of a new day. She said, “Every day is a learning day. Meet different people and every time you will learn something new that can be helpful for you as well as for your business. Training is very necessary in a business. But I got into the art of impactful training. Management training or spiritual training, we want it to be with people for longer than the sessions. If people really want to see massive changes in their life, in their companies, they need to rightly-influenced and that’s the job of a leadership coach. A person who can train people into personal life coaching, and help them duplicate it the other facets of life like work, social, that’s what we are aiming at.”

Shortly after Yogesh Kochhar (founder of Lyfolyf, India) spoke on the stage about how much womanhood should be celebrated He said, “Women are magic, my life has started with a woman and revolves around women in my house. I can’t imagine how my life would be without the influencing women leaders I meet each day. Earlier, when men used to go hunting, the woman who stayed back had magic. They had the power to convert grass into cheese. They are hard-working, cooperative, risk taking, multitasking and have intelligent mind. They have the capability to change the world.” He went on talk about digital media currents that are enslaving us from what we want to do. Kochhar said, “I wish people could understand what popular mediums do to their minds,” and took Facebook as a prime example.”

Next up was Chiamaka Okeke (Solicitor, UK) as the next speaker who talked about personal goals and development within. She said, “The future is now, this is in the current moment. So my question is, while everyone is focussing on societal development, industrial development, why do you ignore personal fulfilment goals. As you progress towards success, don’t leave yourself behind. Once in a while, when you make a decision make an emotional one, involve your soul. Be careful from all the voices which you are listening, some are important but some are not. You have to decide yourself what is good and what is bad for yourself.”

When the next person came on the stage Rama Pandey (managing director Montage Films, India, India) said, “I was born Jaipur, in a house of seven sisters. In a city where girls are only educated to be married off, I was an enterprising girl.

I am a born leader. I can talk to anybody without fear. If there is no leadership, you have to be your own leader. If you can’t give happiness to others, you can never be a leader. If you believe in yourself, you can reach at any level.”

Next on stage to come was Meenakshi Batra (Chief Executive, Charities Aid Foundation India) said, “I have done well in my life. I have spent half of my life in leadership roles. I have led teams, programs, various projects etc. A good leader should have the quality to stand in different situations with positivity. In my organization, I am having a brilliant team with brilliant leaders and I want to involve more and more people of India in my business.”

Zine Nkukwana (CEO, SebenGro, South Africa) came up on stage and mentioned, “We need to understand what leadership is all about. We should train women and youth to become a leader. If you are a good leader, inspire & motivate your team and improve every situation to increase efficiency and productivity. If you cannot convey your message, you cannot be a good leader.”

Muriel De Saint Sauveur (chairperson - women masterclass, France) was next to talk about business and personal leadership. She said, “You need to meet people who believe in yourself. A leader is one who decides for their employees’ growth. I train women to do what they want in their life. To be a leader, you have to be on the top in your life. You have to decide what you wants. Also you need role model, you need other leaders for your growth. Don’t listen to anybody, listen to you, your ambitions and just be leader of your life.”

In the end, Cecilia Sithembile Silundika (Professional Life Coach, EurekaUbuntu Coaching, Canada) closed the session and added, “Leadership for me is still a moving target. I must say never stop questioning, incorporate traditional knowledge in your leadership tartare. Also we need to rethink paradigm of leadership.”

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