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Discover Yourself Through The Sounds Of Silence

Harmonious sounds improve the cognitive functioning whereas harmful sounds damage it

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Sound is omnipresent. We live in this world surrounded by sounds; some pleasant, others not so. While Sound can add to the richness of our lives, one of the biggest drawbacks of modern life is noise pollution. We are constantly bombarded with annoying sounds like the traffic.  We have become so acclimatized to the noise that we do not even notice these in our normal routine.  We all know loud sounds are harmful for our ears but do we also know that sound pollution substantially increases stress. Numerous researches and reports prove this to be a fact. The part of the brain connected to hearing also controls our cognitive functions. Harmonious sounds improve the cognitive functioning whereas harmful sounds damage it. Not to mention, the impact the increased levels of stress have on our mind, body, emotions and psyche.
And  what about the internal noise? The constant mind chatter and ceaseless thoughts that exist in every waking moment of our life. Even if we manage to shut out the external noise somehow but we cannot shut our minds. We keep ruminating over countess situations like the about the meeting that went wrong, the conversation we want to avoid, what we plan to say or should have said, the opportunity that was missed, the expenses that went overboard and the incessant worry about things that we dread will happen.  The stress experienced by the noise in the  head is far more intense and severe than the one outside.  It stops us from being present in the moment to life. We get warped either in a moment that passed away or is yet to come. We may try to meditate to sublimate our thoughts yet more often than not we fall prey to our badgering thoughts. Instead of feeling at peace, we feel like we have emerged from the battle zone.
Is there anything we can do that will instantly help us rest our thoughts and relax our wandering minds? Is there something we can do to heal ourselves from the noise that is outside as well as within us?
Surprisingly, one of the powerful means of overcoming this situation is Sound itself. If its sounds that are causing the damage, it is sounds that can come to our rescue and help in restoring wellness to our lives. Listening to harmonious music can instantly help in cutting down the stress quotient. The brain slows done with smoothing and melodious music. Most of us are now aware of the sound or frequency of the Universe, “Aum”. While meditative techniques use this universal sound, many other techniques exist that utilize the restorative energies of sound. In the Indian context, since ancient times, mantras and ragas have relied on creating the right combination of sound frequencies to provide desired environment, results and relief. Such is the reliance and recognition of the power of Sound.
Many of today’s wellness therapies too have been specifically designed to help the mind, body, and psyche to relax, restore and sharpen. The use of percussion instruments like Tibetan bowls, gongs, tuning forks  go a long way to ensure a deep state of relaxation for the listener. Voice chants modulated to precision also helps in a deep meditative experience. All this broadly classifies under sound wellness therapies.
They help by releasing the built up toxins in our system and strengthen our body’s healing capabilities to allow us to regenerate at a deep cellular level. Our body has energy points which if worked skillfully can help in deep healing at a mental, physical and emotional level. Sound wellness therapies help in balancing blood pressure, heart rate, insomnia, digestion as well as de-stress, It helps in creating peace, harmony and stillness at the core. Once the inner is at peace, the outer has to follow.
Most classical compositions follow the healing principles of music. So the next time you feel under weather, go ahead and switch on a Mozart Symphony. And feel the tired nerves just relax.

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Revati Dighe

The author is HR professional with over 14 years expereince, Revati has founded Sound Solutions India and works with people to improve upon their strengths and overcome challenges using a blend of alternate healing and psycho-therapeutic techniques

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