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Dengue: Prevention And The Cure, Before It Turns Critical

Engage any healer nearby in addition to medical supervision. Do not go overboard by avoiding medical intervention. Ideally, reiki healers are the best ones

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He called me to cancel our meeting next day for Beer and Biryani. He called up from the hospital where his 16-year-old daughter who studies in IB board was admitted for Dengue with platelet count at 108K. I knew she was running a fever for last 5 days. I had met him the other day at his office at central Bangalore where he is the CEO of a high tech startup. He was experimenting with my book as health and wellbeing turned a concern area for his family. We are friends since childhood. I knew his daughter's SAT score was little less than impressive and unknowingly she had begun to feel hopeless. I told him to talk to his daughter about her exceptional talents in music and comedy which she had lost out in her growing years as she aspired to become a computer scientist from a top university in the USA. Post our tele-conversation, I went to do a healing session to instil hope in the energy body of the girl. Next 48 hours, with 3 blood tests there was no further drop in the platelet count and on the contrary, there was delta positive increase in the count. The doctor was amazed by the results. Nowadays, since doctors deal with more failures than success, they are quick to express their joy when a patient recovers defying their usual patterns. The doctor discharged her when the platelet count came to 120K on the third day. After 3 days, she was back to the school.

Two years back, my family friend called me from Gurgaon. She sounded panic. Her driver's two young sons were admitted to the ICU for past 10 days after Dengue was detected. The doctors had declared them critical and had almost given up hope. It was not of any use to coach in such a critical situation. I rather did a healing session which is what I do in such critical situations. The healing is a very simple thing. It is all about raising the vibration level of the patient and then holding that space till patient's own immune system rises to the frequency zone where it gets active to start working. I informed her after 20 minutes of the session that the younger son would be out of danger in next 4 hours and the elder one would recover by the next day. Both the kids were discharged in next 24 hours. Dengue is the simplest of all the cases one can handle. Dengue is triggered by hopelessness. Hopelessness can have various derivatives and one among them is the withdrawal of life force energy (i.e. blood) leading to systematic shut down of the system. This is dengue. Unknowingly at times, we pin hope with our life on something specific. Mosquitos then just get the blame for being a trigger.

Being a wife of an army officer, it is rather a norm that she lives most of her marital life away from her husband, especially if she has growing kids who need better school environment. This time, when her husband got posted to a field station in the Northeast, it was nothing unusual but it turned out to be. This was the first time, in ten years; they had spent a year together after she had cured her blood cancer with breathing techniques as explained in the book "Meditation-The Cure". She remained under mild fever for more than 30 days and none of us made anything out of it till her neighbour who happens to be an Army Surgeon, visited her and insisted on getting the blood tests. She was detected with dengue. She refused to get admitted and requested the Surgeon to give her 48 hours during which he ensured that her blood tests were conducted twice a day. Having a history of blood cancer, her HB is generally not so impressive, though it is getting better every quarter. Her platelet count was around 55K when dengue was detected. She started practising three techniques which she has learnt and her platelet count jumped significantly. Within 36 hours she was back to normal as declared by the Surgeon.

What is common in all these three cases and innumerable such cases of dengue over last seven years that I worked upon? In all these cases, hope was instilled. The reason dengue makes a simple case compared to other health issues is that hope exists inside the patient and it is just a shift in the energy to bring consciousness from hopelessness to hope. It is exactly like a cloud of hopelessness giving an impression that Sun does not exist. If one can shift the consciousness of the patient to the crack between the clouds or move the consciousness of the patient where Sun is, like the father showed his daughter her talent, the immune system starts to function again.

When the father understood that his daughter needs to be shown hope, he is very capable of mentoring kids, successfully did that by staying over for the night in the hospital looking after her. When I healed two kids, I instilled hope in them and they started to recover. When the army officer's wife discovered that she has taken the transfer of her husband as hopelessness, being trained in NV techniques for the cure, without external help, she restored her health.
You can do that too. Here are a few things you can do:

1.       You almost always have enough time before fever turns dengue. Begin to identify an event from the recent past of your patient and talk about the details of that event to the patient. This will help the patient release emotions attached to this event. Avoid motivational talks. They do not work as the mind is non-receptive. Important is that patient bursts the cloud of hopelessness by visiting the event again or shift the consciousness of the patient towards hope by other examples of success and passion of the patient.

2.       Engage any healer nearby in addition to medical supervision. Do not go overboard by avoiding medical intervention. Ideally, reiki healers are the best ones. It is a simple job to just hold the space. Reiki healers may not know this. Show this article and they will know what is to be done.

3.       Here is my appeal to all of you. Do not suffer. Join NV LIFE page on FB. My trained students and I are in meditation every few hours in the day and we are nonstop handling such situations. Please leave a few details of the patient such as age, platelet count and medical history. Continue with the treatment you are giving to your patient and do what we wrote above about giving the hope. We will do our work of adding hope to your patient. Yes, all of it is free.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article above are those of the authors' and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of this publishing house. Unless otherwise noted, the author is writing in his/her personal capacity. They are not intended and should not be thought to represent official ideas, attitudes, or policies of any agency or institution.

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Naveen Varshneya

The author is the author of the book "Meditation-The Cure" and the founder of Health and Wellbeing company The book is about how distress, disorder and disease are formed and the ways to reverse them. He has been training people for seven years to become an expert in experiencing the cure within.

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