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Can I Rewire My Brain?

The brain neural cells when they lose their inter communication connectivity were relegated to being permanently damaged and doctors and psychologists would attempt to balance the brain chemicals through medications and decrease the symptoms but as soon as the medication stopped the symptoms would lurch back

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In India if 60 million plus are suffering from mental illnesses such as depression and even more than 40 million more from anxiety , does it not  make sense to be able to measure happiness and contentment  rather than measuring the statistics on the number of people suffering form mental illnesses and feeling miserable about what a sad nation we are.

I recently met a doctor of happiness called Antonella delle Fave from the university of Millan institute of happiness and she explained to me the concept of why and how they measure the scale of happiness in people and judge the health of a society based on how happy and content people are. Recent studies have shown that countries like Bhutan and Cuba are amongst the happiest nations of the world. What is it that makes these people living there think differently and what is it that causes mental illnesses which make us sick from depression, anxiety, Alzheimer, neural problems, dementia and so many other mental diseases. In fact, extreme cases of mental illnesses convert into chronic pain, sciatica, chronic back ache, slip disc and so many other serious issues.

Norman Doidge author of "The Brain that changes itself" talks about rewiring the brain, this book described the most important breakthrough in understanding the brain and its relationship to the mind since the beginning of modern science: the discovery that the brain is neuroplastic.
When I read this book, it set me thinking as to how is it possible for  people who are emotionally distressed and are suffering from serious mental disorders  and brain injuries rewire themselves and it is only when  I met with several doctors in the US and Europe who have been using neuroplasticity to enable the brain to change its own structure and functioning in response to an activity or mental experience

Many scientists and doctors have used this discovery to bring about astonishing transformations to the brain, and this was never possible before because the traditional thinking since the last 400 years has been that the brain was like a machine with many parts each of which performed a single mental function in a single location and if that location was damaged due to a fall, an injury, chronic depression it could not be fixed because machines cannot fix themselves or grow new parts. Scientists also believed that circuits of the brain were unchangeable or hardwired meaning that people with mental disorders limitations or learning disorders were destined to be so.

In the year 2000 the Nobel prize in physiology was awarded to Eric Kandel who showed that learning can switch on genes that change the neural structure of the brain. in fact, healing was something never used for the brain.

The brain neural cells when they  lose their  inter communication connectivity were relegated to being permanently damaged and doctors and psychologists would attempt to balance the brain chemicals through medications and decrease the symptoms but as soon as the medication stopped the symptoms would lurch back.
The funny thing is that for its own good the brain is not too sophisticated and brain cells are able to constantly communicate electrically with each other to form and re form new connections moment by moment and the outcome is a unique form of healing.

Modern day interventions dealing with neuroplasticity involve usage of sound waves, light waves, vibrations and motion and are all non-invasive avenues into the brain that pass through our senses and our bodies to awaken the brains own healing capacities.

Dormant brain circuits become alive again and there are techniques now available that will stimulate and re awaken dead brain cells with very little or no side effects.
We are all aware that there are over a 100 million of neurons in our gut alone, hence the body and brain must work in cohesion with each other in a cooperative manner to start an active two-way communication between each other to activate the dead brain cells.

The deeper I went into this science the more interesting it became and I for once regretted that I had not used my education experience to become a doctor otherwise I would have been at the cutting edge of this research. but not being a doctor does not stop us from discovering what's new in this world of neuroplasticity and cannot only allow  us to rewire our brains to be happy but also treat serious mental disorders.

Yes, the body mind and soul and our consciousness must work in complete unison what we call the whole  person approach in functional medicine for this to work effectively.

The new theory of pain also is encompassed by this discovery and it is possible to increase our threshold of pain or turn off the pain receptors through the training of the mind . This will go a long way in pain management techniques now being practiced.

I believe from my meetings with these phenomenal scientists across the world that the discovery is leading to healing spinal cord injuries, stroke, brain injuries Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, however it will still take some time before people start accepting this as a main stream treatment because our mental conditioning is such that clinically the idea that the brain cannot change or heal tends to be self-perpetuating

To the person who insists that the idea that the brain can heal itself sounds too good to be true one can only say "of course it must if you accept the paradigm of the unchanging brain"
I had been educated in this new discovery courtesy of so many doctors I met along my last 3 years of journey and my intent in writing this is only to bring about awareness of the NON-TOXIC way to heal our brain.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article above are those of the authors' and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of this publishing house. Unless otherwise noted, the author is writing in his/her personal capacity. They are not intended and should not be thought to represent official ideas, attitudes, or policies of any agency or institution.

Sanjay Sachdeva

An MBA ( Marketing ) from FMS Delhi and a law degree, and diverse educational background, Mr. Sanjay Sachdeva, Founder & CEO “Daivam Wellness Pvt Ltd” brings together 35 years of experience in the field of strategic brand consulting and Innovative Product Management, real estate, Healthcare & Wellness marketing, strategy planning, hospitality and publishing. Currently based in India he runs Daivam Wellness Pvt Ltd which is a comprehensive Functional & Bioregulatory Medicine Centre facility in Delhi/Gurgaon

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