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Controlling Life Through Breath

In order to obtain maximum benefits from breathing, the first step is to focus on breath


“Anger is like a storm rising up from the bottom of your consciousness.”-Thich Nhat Hanh, Buddhist monk

Emphasizing on the importance of breath he says, “When you feel it coming, turn your focus to your breath.” Through this statement, he wants to underscore that the activity of breathing which is necessary for existence is accompanied by other benefits also. People who are angry and depressed are often asked to do deep breathing to calm themselves down. However, only some people are actually aware of the various advantages it offers. From calming our mind to helping us live in the moment, focussing on breath does it all. But how can this simple act of inhalation and exhalation help us in dealing with our problems? In order to obtain maximum benefits from breathing, the first step is to focus on breath. Focussing on slow and deep breaths enables us to live in the present and increases our awareness of the surroundings. From the moment you wake up till the moment you sleep, proper breathing can help you tremendously.

Morning: Today’s lifestyle is so fast-paced that they don’t get enough time to rest. As a result, people’s energy levels are mostly down. In such a situation doing anulom vilom, (inhaling through one nostril and exhaling through the other) other breathing exercises or simply deep breathing for a minimum of 5-10 minutes every morning after waking up can boost energy levels tremendously. This practice must be done with closed eyes and the person should also focus entirely on his breath. A person who feels lethargic or tired can also benefit from deep breathing as it relaxes and energises him/her.

Daytime: Major part of our day is spent in offices where many people are unable to work effectively. Deep breathing with closed eyes at a quiet place for 2-5 minutes can prove handy in these situations as it boosts productivity, improves concentration and helps in focussing on the current problem. It also facilitates rational thinking. Furthermore, as known by many people deep breathing helps in controlling emotions, which at times becomes difficult to control.

At night: Just like controlling emotions, getting a sound sleep at night is also equally challenging for many people. It is important for these people to stay away from all their gadgets at least thirty minutes before sleeping and meditate, focussing on their breath to experience a deep sleep at night.

By breathing the right way all of us will be able to live our life fully. Hence, it is extremely important to direct all our focus towards our breath whenever we face an unpleasant situation. It is equally important to dedicate at least 10-15 minutes for deep breathing daily, to remain energetic and enthusiastic throughout the day.

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