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Being The Leader Of Your Own Life

What if being a leader had nothing to do with the number of followers?

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Are you wanting more followers or are you asking to be a leader? What if being a leader had nothing to do with how many people follow you? There is a huge misinterpretation that to be a leader you need followers. What if it wasn't so?

Let me ask you, has it ever worked when you were trying to please people desperately and win them over or have you created greater while just being yourself? It's something similar where a leader is concerned. When you are constantly trying to be liked and trying to fit yourself into definitions of what a leader is for others, you keep cutting off parts of your capacities that have not yet made their way into people's realities and worlds. What if leadership was just the willingness to go where no one else has been and to create greater from there for yourself as well as everyone else you are creating with?

Here are some keys to being a conscious leader: -

1- Kingdom of we
The Kingdom of We is a space where everyone is included, it's a space where while making a choice you always ask what it would create not only for yourself but also for others involved. That is one of the greatest gifts of being a leader when you include everyone in all your choices. When we are being "kingdom of me", we think that our choices only include ourselves and no one else. Kingdom of me is also a space of exclusion, an unwillingness to receive from others and gift to others. The willingness to ask "What possibilities will get created for everyone if I make this choice?" is the willingness to be the gift of a leader to yourself as well as others.

2- No judgment
When we are willing to look at everyone and everything around us without any judgment, it is a space of total freedom. Judgment is also a massive roadblock in creation. When we judge someone to do something, we are actually limiting them from choosing greater. On the other hand, when we give them the gift of no judgment, we are giving them space to actually choose something different because you would probably be one of the first few people who looked at them from the eyes of no judgment and that is a very liberating space to be in. Every time you see yourself going into the judgment of yourself or anyone else, say "Interesting point of view I have this point of view" and anytime you see someone else judging, say "Interesting point of view you have this point of view". Also, if you instil gratitude in place of judgment, judgment will fly away. Both of them cannot co-exist at the same time.

3- No competition
What is competition? It's actually something you saw someone else have and got so inspired and you wanted it so instead of realizing that you can ask for that to show up in your life, you went into competition.  What if instead of going into the competition, you realize how inspired you are by that and just ask for that to show up in your life as well? "Ask and Receive" is one of the laws of the universe. It's really simple, "What will it take for that to show up in my life?", "What will it take for me to create ____ with ease?". Competition kills creation, my friends. What if you chose to be inspired instead?

4 - No conclusions

Conclusions are one of the biggest killers of possibilities. What if you asked a question instead? Every time there is a block, every time you face a problem just ask a question, don't go into how horrible the situation is because that has no space for something different to occur. Ask the universe to show you "How does it get better than this?". When you ask it when something bad happens, it gets better, when you ask it when something great happens it gets greater!

5- Be Happy regardless of who is with you and who is not
Don't look for people to make you happy. The minute you place your happiness in the hands of someone else is one of the moments you give up being a leader. Be happy, embrace yourself in totality and be willing to create greater with yourself.

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