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Rachna Chhachhi

Rachna Chhachhi is a certified holistic cancer coach and a nutritional therapist. She works across 21 countries to treat patients for cancer, autoimmune and lifestyle related diseases.

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Being Healthy: The Venus Way

This March, as the world celebrates the extended International Women’s Day as the Women’s month, incorporating all the above in a woman’s life, will make it the year of the woman

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March is the month when the world suddenly wakes up and appreciates women in all walks of life. So, what makes women different from men, physiologically and health wise? While all of us know the physical and emotional differences, it’s time to recognise that women’s needs, especially when they are working and stressed out, are different from men’s needs when they are stressed out and working. Being cognitive of these needs helps us create a professionally happier environment at work and a more lovable environment at home. Here are some home truths:

Women need more sleep. Yet, she wakes up before you, makes the food, packs the tiffins, sends everyone off before she can get ready and leave for work.

Biologically women need 8.5 hours of sleep. Less sleep means hormonal disruptions that can lead to lower fertility, unexplained aches and pains, and weight gain.

Women’s hormones affect every aspect of their lives. If you thought hormones meant “that time of the month,” think again. Acne, hair fall, insomnia, weight gain, hypothyroidism, brittle bones, dry eyes, lowered muscle mass, forgetfulness, unexplained fatigue, are all signs of hormones out of whack. Fixing hormonal health means getting on to a programme that can make all these symptoms disappear.

Women need less exercise than men. I’ve seen a lot of couples start exercise programmes with the same trainer, intensity and category of exercising. While it works wonders for men, their better halves feel frustrated at the inability to lose weight as quickly as their spouses. This is simply because women need a very different exercise regime, one that consists of moderate cardio on alternate days and a weight bearing yogic exercise schedule on alternate days. I have had so many women come to me after working out for three hours a day in the gym under a fitness trainer for months on end, and not lose a gram. So, do things differently to get different results. Slow down, it works better for us.

Women need more me-time. We tend to get overwhelmed. Managing work, home, kids, and emotionally being an anchor for spouse, parents, children, household help, driver’s family, pet etc. exhausts us. Everyone expects empathy from the woman of the house. But nobody recognises the need for being empathetic towards her.

Even single women need more me-time. So, when you see your female friend/spouse/daughter/mother/sister get overwhelmed, leave her alone. She will recover soon and be back to being your emotional anchor. She’s not going anywhere.

Women need to be emotionally happy to stay healthy. Medically, women who are unhappy are more prone to autoimmune diseases and obesity than men. And they are unable to come out of illnesses and diseases irrespective of the best care, if they are unhappy. Keep a woman happy, and she will become physically stronger.

Women need to invest in themselves. And I don’t mean that financially, because most working women I have met are very financially savvy, hats off. Feeling good for women is a result of looking good. A little bit of indulgence in the clothes they want, the make up or shoes they like, isn’t frivolous, it actually makes us happy at a deep emotional level. We don’t want to just look good for people around us, we want to look good for ourselves.

So this March, as the world celebrates the extended International Women’s Day as the Women’s month, incorporating all the above in a woman’s life, will make it the year of the woman. And if women are happy, there’s a high chance that the world and your office will be a happier place, right? Now call your woman colleagues and go celebrate them!