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Air Tamer A-310 - The Personal Air Purifier Device Review

Air Tamer A-310 is a personal air purifier device, which you can take with you wherever you are going. We at BWBusinessworld used the Air Tamer A-310 here is what we think about it.

Photo Credit : Abhay Shukla

Clean air has always been a primary issue for India. According to a recent report, Delhi is ranked as the most polluted capital in the World. It is correct that air purifiers can help a bit to fight with air pollution and facilitates you to inhale fresh and clean air but what if you are travelling outside your home? The Air Tamer A-310 gives us a solution. This product is a personal air purifier device, which you can take with you wherever you are going. We at BWBusinessworld used the Air Tamer A-310 here is what we think about it.

Built and Design

Air Tamer A-310 is beautifully designed that even it doesn’t look like an air purifier device. It is very compact and lightweight too. An individual can wear it around the neck and commute freely. The product is a rectangle-shaped device that is very small and compact. The front panel of the device looks like a display but it isn’t. At the bottom, you can find the regular 2.0 USB jack, same as some of the android smartphones. The on/off switch sits on the bottom left side of the device. There is a small brush at the top of the device, which emits the millions of negative ions every second. If you turn the device then you will see that there is a green LED light behind it, indicating the device is working. A wearable strap is also attached to the device that helps you to wear it around the neck.

How does it work?

Air Tamer A-310 works on the electrostatic purification technology. The little brush which attached to the top of device emits the millions of the negative ions that attach themselves to injurious particles present in the air around you, including atomic sized pollutants (e.g. viruses, pollen, smoke, moulds and dust mites). These negatively charged particles naturally get attracted to positively charged surfaces in the surroundings (like the table, chair, etc.), rather than continuing their way towards the breathing passage of an individual. This significantly reduces the inhale of harmful particle and prevents you from any illness.


We tried the Air Tamer A-310 in many situations and circumstances. We feel that the device is really effective and live up to the expectations. We are not sure about outside situations, as there are lots of pollution particles and dust are present in the air, so the effectiveness of device outside may reduce. The device strap could have been improved. The battery life of the device is more than 150 hrs, which means once you charge it fully you don’t need to require a charger for several weeks. The device does not use have any filter unit as it works on electrostatic purification technology. It creates a 3-foot radius of healthier and cleaner air, which means it makes sure that you breathe pure and clean air.

Should you buy it? 

The Air Tamer A-310 is the air purifier device for personal use only, if you are looking for room purifier, you can look for it elsewhere. The device can be effectively used in the home, office or while travelling (as it is compact). Air pollution is a major issue especially in a country like India, considering its usability and performance it would not be wrong to say that it is worth buying.