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A lot Needs To Be Done For Children, Geriatric Population And Women: Mansi Choudhary

Lack of mental peace and frustration affects mental health negatively. And reduced inter-personal communication due to advanced technology has lead to a decline in the social aspect of health as well.


Good health is not only the absence of disease, but the ability to recover and bounce back from illness and other problems.

It is a resource for living a full life and encompasses physical, mental, and social well-being. One can not exist in the absence of the others.

To mark World Health Day, Mansi Choudhary, a Certified Nutritionist and a Diabetes Educator shared her views on health, healthcare and her recommendations for better health.

Mansi has an integrative holistic approach to help her clients learn about Mindful Eating and manage lifestyle diseases, autoimmune conditions as well as achieve weight-loss.

What is health according to you?

Health is defined as a state of complete physical, mental & social well-being. While this may appear simple to achieve, in today’s times, it is paradoxically as easy or difficult as we make it. A rise in sedentary work culture, increased use of gadgets & technology, excessive availability of processed foods and an increase in pollution levels make it difficult to be physically healthy. Lack of mental peace and frustration affects mental health negatively. And reduced inter-personal communication due to advanced technology has lead to a decline in the social aspect of health as well.

What are your views on access to universal access to healthcare in India today?

India is one of the countries weighed down by a large number of diseases. That makes universal  healthcare policy a must-have. There has been a steadfast growth in the medical scenario ever since independence, however, a large sector of the population is still being deprived of basic healthcare. The availability of healthcare measures is scarce and the cost is overwhelming pushing many people towards poverty by merely trying to arrange funds to treat a deadly disease. On the food front, what should be easily available is now being sought by the affluent as “organic produce” and the less economically equipped have to manage with cheap processed foods.

What are your recommendations to better access healthcare?

Definitely, a lot needs to be done for sections like children, geriatric population, and women.

a) The use of pesticides should be minimized.

b) All school going children, whether public schools or govt schools, should be given “healthy” mid-day meals. School & college canteens should steer towards healthier meal options instead of junk food.

c) Sanitary pads/ napkins should be subsidized and made easily available to even rural women who till now, do not have access to these easily.

d) Corporates, MNCs as well as government companies should offer greater perks to employees who are in the ideal “BMI bracket.” To encourage this, there should be wellness modules in all companies.

e) There should be a check to monitor the meteoric rise in prices of vegetables and fruits (something that happens 2-3 times every year) due to hoarding by wholesalers.

What are your recommendations for better health?

On an individual level, one can improve upon one’s health status by following a few basic rules like :

a) Include physical exercise for at least 150 minutes every week.

b) Try and include a well balanced & wholesome diet that includes all food groups like grains, pulses, fruits, Vegetables & nuts. Prefer local & seasonal produce. Steer clear of fad diets.

c) Stay well hydrated. Avoid aerated and sugar-laden artificial beverages. Make friends with the herbs and spices in your kitchen. They can serve as a medicine box and help you prevent many health ailments.

d) Keep stress at bay by including relaxation techniques like Yoga, Pranayama, chanting. Less stress means less cortisol which means fewer diseases.

e) Ensure a minimum of 7 hours of restful sleep every night to ensure better immunity & well-being. Your body does maximum repair work during sleep hours.

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