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5 Important Lessons To Learn From The Thai Cave Rescue

Experts from all over the world came together in detailing the Thai cave rescue out before finally starting the mission. This helped in moving the mission hassle free and none of the boys died

Early this week, the world witnessed something unprecedented, something so magnificent that we will remember it for times to come. A massive search and rescue operation took place in Thailand wherein experts from all over the world and rescuers from at least two different continents came together to save a group of students trapped in a Thai cave. Such was the intensity of the incident that a Navy SEAL officer of the United States, also involved in the rescue, ended up saying these words, "We are not sure if this is a miracle, a science, or what. All the thirteen Wild Boars (Referring to the trapped boys) are now out of the cave". 

Some questions arise!

How can we change normal to a miracle? How did such a massive operation become a reality, how did the people, the media, the experts and the rescuers come together, united, to rescue the boys and their coach? Such questions are important to be answered today since we live in a world that is becoming increasingly materialistic day by day and losing on empathy minute by minute. Then How? I try and decipher here-

  • Hope and Conviction, the Desire to do -  

Thoughts are vibrations. Vibrations have energy, energy has mass. Can this energy then be used to change outcomes without using physical manifestations of objects? I believe so. When people come together and desire an outcome, they carry the force to change even the direst of the dire situations to move the outcome in their favour. This, for sure had an effect on the Thai cave rescue. Seemingly, the whole world prayed for the boys. Even the boys chanted for themselves. They got saved.

  • Planning is Everything - 

Yes, prayer is important but what is also important is planning. The famous saying, God helps those who help themselves. Experts from all over the world including the subcontinent came together in detailing the rescue out before finally starting the mission. This helped in moving the mission hassle free and none of the boys died.

  • You need Specialists, Everywhere -

The divers and Navy SEALs especially flew in to rescue the boys. Fortunately, the government knew whom to call for the task. Remember, specialists are very important. They know how to do the task, whether in the book or not; they come with years of experience and the expertise. Presence of experienced divers made sure that the boys were rescued without even one of them getting a noticeable injury.

  • Teamwork - 

At crucial times, teamwork becomes very important. Such large-scale operations cannot be carried out single-handedly and support of each and every party to the operation is important. In the Thai cave rescue, we saw how everyone cooperated; the governments, the experts, even the media! United they stood. Not only people outside the cave, but those trapped inside the caves also showed teamwork. Whilst everyone chanted and prayed together, the boys also cooperated during the rescue mission, helping experts select the first ones to be rescued based on health conditions. 

  • Patience and Perseverance, Pay !
    Patience from the boys, perseverance from the rescuers. The amalgamation of both finally led to a successful operation. Patience also eradicates panic, something which was very crucial for the boys inside the cave. That they stay calm and do not take a step that would put their lives in more danger, was very important. Fortunately for them and for all of us, they stayed patient! 

Life, through these examples, teaches how we can face even the toughest of the tough situations and end up learning. These examples tell us that there is still no dearth of humanity, of consciousness and of the powerful will of people, who if decide, can even move mountains.

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