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'We Enable Revenue Stream & Create User Experience': Amitt Sharma, Founder & CEO, VDO.AI

VDO.AI is a global innovator in ad technology providing brands offering impactful smart solutions. It was established in 2018 by Amitt Sharma, Founder and CEO along with the Co-Founder Arjit Sachdeva. Amitt Sharma explains the concept, journey, and opportunity to Ashish Sinha of BW Businessworld. Edited Excerpt:

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How did the idea of VDO.AI come about? Take us through your journey?
Over the years, we saw that advertisers seemed to worry about creative assistance, lack of creative resources, incomplete insights, and lack of conversations. On the other hand, publishers were under the radar of higher bounce rates and lower revenue throughout the year. The major concern and roadblock for our advertisers and publishers were lack of insights and engagement, and revenue respectively. Being a publisher back in 2017, we realized the importance of leveraging new and innovative technologies to streamline revenue and keep SEO ratings high. That is how VDO.AI came to life. VDO.AI got on a mission to eradicate these pain points to ensure a safe and profitable exchange between both of the parties yet keep the users at the focal point.

How do you do that? 
An internet user typically receives almost 500+ ads in a day, out of which more than half are irrelevant. We enable advertisers to programmatically target and reach the right users at the right time, creating a memorable experience for the user and pulling up the sales of the advertiser. As far as the publishers are concerned, we enable not just a revenue stream for them, we also create a user experience that is programmatically served to make website scrolling and engagement smooth and hassle-free. This is done through the powerful and interactive Recirc™ Unit. With VDO.AI, they have accessed the power of video and premium advertisers, enabling them to earn profitable revenue throughout the year and keep their engagement ratio of the website on a constant high.

What is the product differentiation in today's cluttered market?
VDO.AI aims to elevate millions of users through powerful technology. Whether its coding revolutionary products, or keeping clients happy, the company is united by the same mission: to bring global innovation in AdTech. Our solutions deliver the right results for brands by combining creativity, reach and targeting on all devices, enabling top and middle channel branding goals that all brands and agencies need to turn awareness into performance. We empower web publishers to harness the power of video advertising by connecting them to leading advertisers and brands around the world via Native Video Unit, Recirc™ Unit, Story Ads, Mobile Ads, OTT / CTV Advertising, etc., just to name a few.

In what ways is the company driving maximum impact for advertisers and monetization for publishers?
We connect publishers with demand from premium sources: managed service and programmatic. Combined with a stellar user experience, contextual NLP engine, and a premium demand marketplace, our formats hit right on your top-line delivering incremental revenue and pageviews at the same time. This is done via VDO.AI’s innovative and relevant products - Native Engaging Unit, Recirc™ Unit, and Stories Unit. For the Advertisers, we forge effective connections by tailoring personalized video experiences to transform brand awareness into a measurable engagement. We partner with top-notch publishers to connect brands with 2.1 billion people around the world. The few VDO.AI products targeted at advertisers are the innovative - 3D Impact Creative Units, Conversational Intelligence in Ads. Our vision is to create for tomorrow.

What are the key business impacts that the company has seen so far?
For the field of advertising, VDO.AI is the technology innovator when it comes to digital video. The company has already reached over 300 million people across the world. The company is a privately owned entity, with an annual turnover of double-digit millions and has been growing at an exponential growth rate of 500 percent year-on-year since inception. It is a fully bootstrapped start-up with more than 3 million dollars invested in building the product and getting the team in place. Currently, the company has over a thousand customers on the publishers’ site and works with many leading brands both in Silicon Valley and India, including AirBNB, Uber, NetFlix to name a few. VDO.AI partners with all top media publishers in India and even the international one as well.

Any interesting new trends that you see today?
The pandemic has brought about a dramatic shift in content consumption that has prompted advertisers, publishers, and marketers to focus their ad spend on the CTV industry and hasten its adoption. Globally, there is an 18% decline in linear TV spending and a 14% drop in total video investment, followed by an increase in CTV testing as a platform that has expanded by almost 14%. Publishers, advertisers, and marketers are choosing to invest in ad campaigns in the CTV industry. Digital content consumption is undoubtedly one of those habits, and as people spend more time online, brands need platforms to help them reconnect with their audiences. The company is absorbing the pandemic response and are quickly adopting the progressive trends in digital video content consumption. Thus, while our business model heavily relied on website monetization and creative intelligence, seeing the current trends and developments, we have shifted our focus to OTT/CTV Advertising.

How do you see the future taking shape?
The compounded annual growth rate or CAGR for VDO.AI is expected to exceed 50 percent in the next few years as we expand. The company strives to bring together the best advertisers with qualified publishers to create a thriving ecosystem of high-value video ads. By 2025, VDO.AI aims to become the authoritative global provider of video advertising solutions around the world. The company currently has headquarters in two cities, New Delhi and California, and intends to expand sales offices in all major ad technology centers in the world, including Barcelona and Europe, New York, and New York. US East Coast, Tokyo in Japan, also hope to expand into the Chinese market.

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