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‘Greatest Spiritual Wisdom’: 20 Books By Pranay & Fingerprint!

This new series comes after the first series of 5 books by the same team - titled ‘Spirituality for Leadership & Success’ - has been every well received in the market.

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An Exciting New Book Series!

Fingerprint Publishing brings you a dynamic new series on spirituality, by acclaimed mystic philosopher Pranay. The 20-book series is collectively called ‘Greatest Spiritual Wisdom for Tough Times’. It is primarily based on Indian spirituality, spanning topics as diverse as Vedic wisdom, Tantra, and mystics from various paths. The books are a distillation of the greatest lessons from these paths, presented with deep and fresh insights by the author. 

This new series comes after the first series of 5 books by the same team - titled ‘Spirituality for Leadership & Success’ - has been every well received in the market.

A Spiritual Series for Today’s Times

Today the world has realized that material solutions are not enough to help us deal with tough times! What is needed to live fearless and fulfilled lives is a transformation of consciousness itself. And that is what spirituality (at its core essence) is concerned with. This central idea is at the heart of Pranay’s new books. 

Author Pranay Gupta says, “The various spiritual topics in this series are dealt with in a lucid and direct manner, in a way that people globally can relate to. The books are meant to resonate with people everywhere: the subjects are timeless and universal, evoking great curiosity and interest for readers. The focus is on clarity, relative simplicity and profundity. This is a vision that my superb publishers at Fingerprint – Shikha Sabharwal and Gaurav Sabharwal – as well as my dynamic literary agent Anuj Bahri (Red Ink) share with me! We feel that the topics are timeless, and have an unlimited shelf life. When we conceptualized the series, the world was not in the kind of tumult that we are suddenly faced with: it’s been disturbing how ‘tough times’ have rapidly unfolded for the entire human race. My humble effort is to offer spiritual perspectives for dealing with these”.

After striking a one-of-a-kind publishing deal, the rollout of the books in both series has been rapid, and the popularity of the books has been steadily on the rise amongst readers not just in India but worldwide. In an excellent example of true teamwork, the publishers, literary agency and author are working in tandem to ensure that the series has appeal to people of all callings and paths. Spirituality is in many ways the ‘final frontier’ of mankind’s evolution, and Pranay brings a universal and contemporary feel to the subjects he deals with. This makes the books a must-have. The approach of the series is to offer deep insights on eternal themes. All 3 players in this unique effort bring their individual strengths to the table: the prestigious imprint Fingerprint with their adherence to the highest global publishing standards and strong distribution, mystic author Pranay’s depthful writing, and Red Ink Literary Agency who brought the complex publishing deal together. 

At a time when the world is facing a very tough situation relating to the clash of religions, cultures and nations, as well as difficulties of all kinds, the series stands apart for its message of inner spiritual strength. It’s  a must –read series, deep,  insightful, yet simple and global in resonance. .

The First 2 Books

The first two books of the series are already available: 

‘VEDAS & UPANISHADS: Greatest Spiritual Wisdom for Tough Times’ is a brilliantly insightful book encapsulating the core of Vedic wisdom. It is a path-breaking book, that consolidates the entirety of Vedic knowledge in a single volume, thereby making it easily accessible to people everywhere. ‘KRISHNA: Greatest Spiritual Wisdom for Tough Times’ is lucid and very deep, bringing out the key wisdom elements of India’s most beloved personality. 

The Range of the Series

The sheer range of the series makes it outstanding in the word of global publishing. Apart from the titles on the Vedas and Krishna, the series carries titles on a very wide range of mystics and spiritual paths, including Tantra & Buddhism, Guru Nanak, Jainism, Kabir, Rabindranath Tagore the great mystic, the Mahabharat, the Rishis of ancient India, Adi Shankara, the Bauls, and various others. 

The set of 20 could perhaps be the vastest series of its kind in terms of diversity and range. It’s a boldly brilliant and dynamic endeavor. The books are being published in quick phases, and would be available for readers internationally: wide availability is the aim.

The Basis of the Books

True spirituality and mysticism are about making human consciousness dynamic, courageous, depthful; able to tackle and face up to crisis moments and circumstances with fresh vision, blissfulness and insight. We live in an age plagued with personal, professional, environmental and existential problems, both as individuals and as the human species. Hence it is important to look beyond the narrowness of our particular material approach, and find strength within true wisdom principles. 

The mystics and spiritual paths dealt with in the series have deep secrets and lessons for us, for fearless and truly successful living. Especially learnings for dealing with tough times and crisis situations of every kind. The series is a collation of the deepest lessons for true success in both the material and spiritual spheres of life.


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