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'Energy Charged Food' - Is This A Superlative Form Of Organic Food?

It's time for a natural awakening. Re-energize your diet with the positivity of the energies around you and feel your life take the next step towards a life full of liveliness

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Energies and their impact on the human behavior is a science that has been tried and tested. Pyramid energies, crystal energies, impact of stones, music therapy, etc. are some classic examples of the impact these energies have on the behavior of an individual. One example of the same comes from the proofs of the psychiatric studies done in a Russian jail. It included experiments on a set of prisoners' wherein they were administered solutions that had been placed in the pyramids. The results of the test showed that in a short time period, the most violent behavior disappeared within this group. The surprising part is that this group wasn't aware that they are consuming pyramid charged food where just a pinch of salt and pepper brought behavioral changes in them. Isn't this strange and very much in sync with our increasing health concerns? Will this form of food that is 'energized' be a superlative form of organic food?

For the first time in India Neelvow Corporation has introduced 'Energy Food'. Though this concept and idea is new, the theory is very old. If at any point in life you come across pyramid masters; you will observe that before every meal they place their eatables under the pyramid and consume them after few hours. When asked why they do that, the answer was - "We charge the food so that energy comes in and the actual content of food is consumed". With the most recent accomplishment of the ASSOCHAM's Nutraceuticals & Herbal Excellence Award, 2016, Vinay Garg, CEO, Neelvow Corporation Pvt. Ltd. explains that with Neelvow, we have started with the most basic products, salt and sugar and we charge them from 4 energies namely - Reiki, Pyramid, Music and Quartz Crystals. A firm believer of the saying, "We are what we eat", Vinay quotes a simple example to demonstrate the impact energized food on us. Why the milk of a cow who is grazed in pastures is considered healthier than the one who is fed on processed diet. Why do we say that the cows' milk in India is not healthy as a lot many times she feeds on plastic? He further explains that if you are looking at a direct impact of the energy charged food for your physical health, I would tell you up front that it does not have a direct impact. Reiki, is one of the many forms of energy that is used to activate, harmonize and reconnect the self with universal energy. With our energies, we synchronize an individuals' chakras, which leads to balance of your thought levels. An indirect pleasure by creation of a positive vibe when the 7 chakras' in your body get in place is the impact that I am talking about.

The government of Madhya Pradesh recently declared about the launch of 'happiness ministry' wherein the state will be made responsible for the happiness and tolerance of its citizens. While they will be roping on psychologists to counsel people on how to be happy always, Neelvow is planning to share about its food products and their impact through this channel. Mr Garg adds that while everyone is focusing on meditation and yoga, people don't know that we have made a food which will bring behavioral changes. In addition to it, we will also be having a pilot in Tihar jail wherein our food will be tested on a set of prisoners to show its impact. As of now we are only charging salt and sugar; but we will be soon launching Reiki charged water, rice, pulses, curd etc.

I got to know about Reiki through a friend of mine and at that time I was unaware of this technology in food shares Dr. Payal from Agra. I am a working women with two kids and due to various reasons my stress level went very high. I understand that stress is a part of everyone's life. It was then when I thought that I should give it a try. Reiki Food by Neelvow has immensely worked on my stress level. I came out of my depressing state of mind and now I feel good about my environment. I consider women as the head of the families and our mental state has an impact on the well- being of the family adds Payal. Reiki has changed things for me. I recommend it to everyone. I even make sweets from Reiki sugar and send it to my family. I can go on and on for the impact of Reiki, but I would like to conclude by saying Reiki therapy is all about gaining a lot of things without losing anything!

In an exclusive conversation with Meetu Sehgal, Reiki Grand Master, she shares, "Whatever we eat gives us energy and whenever any food item is charged, it increases its energy, nutrition value and live force energy. Food rejuvenates with Reiki energy and this is very good for human body. In fact, it also helps in natural cleansing of toxins, releases blockage and helps in the natural healing of the body. I recommend Reiki to all my patients. If they know Reiki, I ask them to charge their food and even medicines with it as Reiki reduces the side effect of the medicines.

So it's time for a natural awakening. Re-energize your diet with the positivity of the energies around you and feel your life take the next step towards a life full of liveliness!

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