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‘Developing Solutions For Digital India’

Jay Snyder, Senior VP, Global Alliances, Service Providers & Industries at Dell EMC, says India has incredible depth and breadth of technology partners

Jay Snyder, Senior VP, Global Alliances, Service Providers & Industries at Dell EMC, says India has incredible depth and breadth of technology partners. Excerpts of a conversation with BW Businessworld’s Ashish Sinha

What is the Global Alliances structure at Dell EMC like?
The Global Alliances is a 500 person global entity made up of different segments within the structure. We have a partner in growth and planning team, a global integrations team which manages our global relationships with System Integrators (Accenture, HCL, Wipro, TCS, Cognizant, Infosys and Tech Mahindra), a Global Strategic Outsource group focused on our outsourcers (such as AToS, CSC, Unisys), an industries team, where we build vertically- oriented solutions that we take to the market and finally, a service provider’s team that manages relationships with 400 service providers.

What new opportunities does it bring to your customers and partners?
We are looking at two objectives. One, we want to be very simple to work with. Two, we want to be very relevant to our core selling force. That brings new opportunities not only for Dell EMC, but also to our partners. We look at unique use cases by geography, technology or industry where we would develop and build a solution together and then put governance around that solution by our planning team. Then we deliver that solution into the market. That solution should develop incremental revenue for our partners.

How will a unified solution provider’s programme benefit the partners?
The combined entity (Dell and EMC) has given us incredible leverage and has created a force which the partners can’t ignore and hence, we are being pulled in for a lot more opportunities. With the portfolio now, Dell EMC can literally run a tablet at an oil rig, compute the data, back it up, provide the underpinned analytics, and replicate the data off shore, from one boat to another boat. There is a massive value chain from the beginning to the end within our portfolio.

How will it help India?
I have not tailored particular alliances to a particular country differently while tailoring particular partners for a particular country. We have placed a huge bet on our India-based partners as their business operations are not limited to India alone. They extend everywhere in the world. We have started to look for specific solutions that meet the need of Digital India and to develop those solutions predominantly, if not exclusively, with the firms based in India. That is our work in progress.

We have incredible depth and breadth of technology partners based here. Our need to create a digital transformation base for our customers globally is tightly coupled with our platforms and solutions. The partners understand the technology and do everything above and below the platform that we can’t do.

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