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The Curious Manpasand Beverages Saga

Manpasand’s stock tumbled more than from Rs 400 to Rs 150 in less than a month. SEBI should direct audit firms and companies to disclose their report card on listed companies regularly

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Nifty Technical Outlook: Reshuffling Of Funds May Help Investors

Those looking to book profits in their portfolio and move a portion of their moneys into debt funds for the next year or so ahead of the elections, may do so now

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A Shift In The Way We See Education: Importance Of Yoga And Meditation In Schools

When you hear the word ‘yoga’, chances are that an image of people twisting in presumably painful poses might pop up in your head. Yes, postures or asanas are an important part of the teachings of yoga, but they are not all that there is to it

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Strong Link Vs. Weak Link

One batsman can destroy the opposition, bat through a majority of the 20 overs and win you a game

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