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HP Spectre x360 Review

HP’s Spectre x360 is the perfect example of how 2-in-1 luxury laptops should be made. HP’s Spectre series has always been on the top with best looks and decent performance

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Harming Environment- No

The developing world seems to be more vulnerable to the ill effects of wildlife destruction. Habitat degradation, pollution, and ravenous extraction of natural resources in the emerging economies are at the root of this malaise

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Making Change The Only Constant

Already, new technologies like `wearables’ have brought about a sea change in predictive and preventable medicine. Realtime monitoring of blood pressure, heart functions, sugar levels, calorie burnouts and even alerts beeped to users on need to exercise or control their diet are now a reality

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West Bengal Govt Announces Sale Of 10-year Securities

The West Bengal government has announced the sale of its 10-year-tenure securities for an aggregate amount Rs 2,000 crore, a state finance department official said today.

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