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How To Calculate Your CAT Percentile

The basic idea of the CAT percentile is to tell you what percent of the students have scored less than you in the examination

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New Frontiers For The New IIMs

We do a pretty good job with issues relating to IQ but less well with those relating to EQ – emotional intelligence

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Importance Of Empathy

Empathy is a choice. An important one that we need to make to improve and to bridge the gaps between differentiators like generations, cultures, religions, socioeconomics

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Leaders Need To Create A Conducive Environment For Their Employees: Vijay Anand, ‎Senior VP, Intuit Global Development Centers

Vijay Anand, ‎Senior VP, Intuit Global Development Centers talks to BW Businessworld about the startegies that make it one of the best to work, and their perception about India as a marketplace.

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How India’s Share In Global Luxury Market Is Increasing, Amidst Challenges

GST has brought in much needed transparency in luxury sector, streamlined domestic supply chain and a push to the retail market further

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