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India Growth Story Credible; GDP To Grow At 7.3% In FY19: World Bank

India's growth has been credible over the long run with growth averaging at 7 per cent in the last decade

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Tsunami of Tech-development is waiting for us- Kishor Balaji, Director Corporate Affairs (South Asia), Intel

Various fifth generation technologies are waiting to make changes in the social structure of India, along with loads of technological development waiting to get in. NASSCOM foundation’s CSR leadership conference takes the insight of how IT giants are enabling social prosperity in India.

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Environment Is Not The Priority For Most CSR Strategies: Chandan Bhavnani, Executive VP, Responsible Banking, YES Bank

“I don’t even think the environment is one of the mainstream issues right now, I don’t think it forms a significant part of CSR strategies. From a CSR perspective, what is happening is companies are investing in long-term projects, so the impact is not seen soon," said Raghuvansh Saxena, CEO, Earthwatch

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International Solar Alliance: India's Ambitious 'Power Play' Project

ISA has put India in the spotlight for emerging as the major power player for harnessing Solar energy in the Indian Ocean region along with a strong backing from France

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