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SEBI Proposes Tighter Rules For Offshore Derivatives

The Securities and Exchange Board of India proposed to tighten rules on offshore derivative instruments (ODI) by imposing "regulatory fees" and prohibiting the sales of such products unless they are issued for hedging purposes

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BW Survey: How Do Indians Rate Narendra Modi's 3-year As Prime Minister?

BW Survey: How Do Indians Rate Narendra Modi's 3-year As Prime Minister?

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Modi Govt: Three Years Into Our Presidency

We must all agree on one thing: the last three years have been most of all, an outstanding effort at keeping the faith...

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Modi: The Next Two Years

Modi will have an opportunity to reset the India-Russia relationship when he travels to St. Petersburg...

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Three Years Of Modi Govt: Modi Poems

BW Businessworld columnist compiled a list of poems on three years of Modi government...

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Is It Your Immune System?

Our immune systems are supposed to protect us. Autoimmune conditions mean that they attack us. Fix your immunity before your immune system turns against you...

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'Focus On Manufacturing Sector Is Right Step For Growth'

In a conversation with BW Businessworld Jindal speaks about the much hyped Chhattisgarh power plant deal, JSPL debt and the potential of the services sector to make an impact on our economy today

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Astro Predict: How will your finances be this week?


Benefices will provide benefits to keep you well financially. You will now be in a stronger financial position. This can be short lived as the opposition of retrograde Saturn to fiery Mars and Sun can lead to unexpected expenses or loss of money. Therefore you must be careful in dealing with money matters.


Financial condition will be shaky this week. With aggressive Mars and mighty Sun in opposition to retrograde Saturn posited in the 12th house, you will face some losses in money. You are advised to handle matters related to finance much cautiously. Refrain from taking decisions related to major financial involvement.


Your planets support your financial condition this week. You will remain in a healthy financial position. As there will be no major expenses to be incurred, you will be in a better position to save your money. All this provided you control your urge to spend on unnecessary things.


Once again a good financial week is in store for you. Your financial condition being strong will help you to tide over any crisis. Now is the appropriate time for investing more productively in different avenues. Do consult a financial advisor before doing so. Avoid plunging blindly into risky ventures.


You will be driven by your instincts to enhance your monetary gains by plunging into a new venture. You can achieve the desired results provided you plan out a foolproof strategy after consulting an expert financial advisor. New investments can be thought of after due consideration as your planets support you.


Once again a great week ahead in terms of money matters. You stand to do well as you will earn handsome profits from your past investments. You will feel elated and cheerful at your prospects. Any decision related to finance should be taken only after due consideration and deliberation.


Planetary positions here portend that you will stand to earn handsome monetary gains in the near days. You need to be patient and level headed and plan carefully in order to envisage the gains. Be on the guard for the gains and seize every opportunity to make the best of it.


Mercury becoming direct in motion over midweek will herald good tidings for you as far as money is concerned. You will be keen to invest your gains in avenues that will bring rich dividends. This decision must be taken carefully to strengthen your financial front. Avoid spending on luxury items.


You will have planned very well for the coming week, but all this planning will be a failure as there will be some sudden necessity to spend money on family needs. Now you will have to plan to keep the long term in mind. Keep enough finances for the future emergency situations.


An intelligent move by you will work well in having encouraging financial gain. The planets are in a favorable position to make some investments in different avenues. Do consult an expert. Do not get lured by some short term gains as it can be risky. Refrain from indulging in speculation oriented activities.


Planetary positions here portend that you will have handsome monetary gains this week. Your previous investments and savings will fetch you high returns. You will have more reasons to remain in a cheerful mood. As your financial condition strengthens, you will be able to fulfill some of your family needs.


Planetary positions here seem supportive for a very hefty monetary gain this week. The gain here will be an added benefit to your financial strength. You will remain in a comfortable position and even think of making heavy investments. You need to remain focused on saving more money for good.

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