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We Are Competing Neck And Neck With HUL, Says Acharya Balkrishna

We Are Competing Neck And Neck With HUL, Says Acharya Balkrishna


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Astro Predict: How will your finances be this week?


It is a remarkable time for making some extra money through new part time projects. You have enough potential to be innovative and do something brighter. You will remain in a healthy financial position here. However, do not indulge in reckless investments. Take decision in matters related to finance after due deliberation.


At last the wait is over. Soon talks for finances will ensue. You will be excited to know what is in store. Do not be disheartened if you discover that the gains will be moderate and not very encouraging. Be satisfied with the minor gains that will come your way. It will be sufficient enough to keep you cheerful.


Venus in the fifth house will portend good news for your financial health. As you earn sufficient monetary gains, you will be cheerful. The streak of generosity will be touched and you will donate some money to charity. The money will keep pouring in from your past investments too. This will add to your financial strength.


Presence of benevolent Jupiter in the fifth house will present encouraging opportunity for major monetary gains. You will be very excited as your money will increase in your bank account. This can be from the dividends or past investments. Jupiter, the giver of abundance will help you climb the pedestal of wealth.


Around midweek, Mercury enters a watery sign Scorpio. This will make you very prudent and calculative while handling money matters. Mercury and Jupiter together will support encouraging as well as lasting monetary gains. Take care that decision related to finance, is taken after due deliberation and you are not driven by instinct.


Under combined effect of planets, there are plenty of opportunities for you to explore and you will find more ways of increasing your inflow of money. Venus has already left your sign to enter into its own sign airy Libra in the second house. This move by Venus signifies that you will get handsome monetary gains.


Mercury shifts into a watery sign Scorpio. Mercury here will strongly prompt you to become more judicious and calculative, while handling matters related to finance. You will remain in a healthy financial position throughout the week. However, you will need to keep a checklist on your income versus expenditure sheet.


Jupiter and Mercury together have taken up the responsibility to give you enough opportunities to strengthen your financial portfolio. However, you have to be agile and open the doors when the opportunities knock. There can be no better time to build up your capital, so that you have enough money when good opportunity to invest arises.


You will earn from the past savings. So in additional to your regular pay cheque, you will gain from savings. Thankfully, Mercury in the 12th house moves through Scorpio. This will make you conscious about the value of money and prompt you to execute due discrimination while spending money.


Combination of Mercury and Jupiter in the eleventh house indicates that you will have enough gains to live a lavish life. The gains will last for a long time. However, the Saturn posited in the 12th house can lead to increase in personal and subsidiary expenses. You need to mark out your priorities and execute due discrimination while spending money.


Encouraging financial accumulation will enliven your spirits. You will feel elevated at the prospects of gaining handsome monetary gains. Well aligned benefices will present good opportunity for increase of inflow of money for you. You may spruce up your living style. Flow of money will concern you and require you to make wise calculated moves.


Financially you will be comfortable and will be able to manage with the stray monetary gains that come your way. Since you do not have huge monetary resources, refrain from taking decision in matters related to finance, driven by instinct. You need to deliberate well enough while taking decision in money matters.

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