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Nestle India's Suresh Narayanan Unveils BW Businessworld Marketing Whitebook

Nestle India's Suresh Narayanan Unveils BW Businessworld Marketing Whitebook

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Navjot Sidhu, Arun Jaitley And BJP Revolt

Sutanu Guru goes back in recent past to show how Navjot Sidhu is one of many 'mass' political leaders to quit BJP

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Flipkart-Snapdeal Merger: Bad Idea

What about Alibaba? The Chinese giant is already a stakeholder in Snapdeal so a Flipkart-Snapdeal merger will in effect mean an Alibaba-Amazon duopoly in India

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Green Tribunal Asks For Delhi Airport Flight Data Over Noise Pollution

Taking the government to task over lack of norms on noise pollution in residential areas near airports across the country, the NGT had earlier asked 'Why should there not be night flying restrictions at airports?'

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It’s Just A Stealth Reform

India’s textile sector needs full-scale labour reform along with technological innovation to stand up to the challenges of automation...

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FDI Needs India

Foreign investors aren’t flocking to india because they love India. They regard India as the last big underdeveloped market opportunity to extract the high returns that are no longer possible in Europe, America and Japan...

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One Size Doesn't Fit All

By accepting the Lahiri Sub-Committee recommendations, the government has brought to an end the high-decibel debate related to the levy of excise on the jewellery industry. Does this also amount to indirect acknowledgement of the need for sector-spec...

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Flipkart-Snapdeal Merger: Bad Idea

What about Alibaba? The Chinese giant is already a stakeholder in Snapdeal so a Flipkart-Snapdeal merger will in effect mean an Alibaba-Amazon duopoly in India...

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The BJP has given the most hardworking government we have seen post-independence. PM Modi believes in zero tolerance on corruption and his focus is on core social issues. His achievements can be clearly seen as 1 crore people have already surrendered their LPG subsidy, and people have benefited from Jan Dhan Yojana and Mudra Banking. Several schemes launched by the Modi government like Beti Bachao, Pension Plan and Insurance Scheme are working great for the common man. Make In India is drawing enormous investments from overseas and the ease of doing business is helping entrepreneurs. Modi's achievement and vision is phenomenal and it is important for the Congress to realize that the BJP is not reinventing strategy but reinventing policy.


Shaina NC BJP spokesperson


The Modi government has been a monumental disaster in all aspects in managing the aspirations of a young India. In particular, they have been found wanting on creating jobs. They promised 2 crore jobs per year but they have provided only 1.35 lakh jobs, which is less than one percent of what is needed. In the past two years, farmer suicides have risen, agricultural growth has been negative, food inflation is rising, exports are down 16 months in a row, stalled projects are growing and bank NPA are rising. It is a cocktail of utter collapse.

Sanjay Jha Congress spokesperson


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`We Don’t Want To Be All Things To All Comers’

Sunil Godhwani, chairman and managing director, REL spoke to BW Businessworld on the strategic thinking and the course correction behind the moves

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Astro Predict: How will your finances be this week?


Venus now has come out of combust state. This is to work well in facilitating encouraging monetary gains. You need to refrain from taking decisions in matters related to finance driven by instinct. Remain cool headed and exercise a great deal of discretion while taking any major decision related to money matters.


Some good monetary gains here are to enliven your spirits. You are to save money satisfactorily. You may need to increase provision for family. You shall be able to meet all your expenses comfortably. Ganesha advises you to set aside some of your hard-earned money and invest it in long-term securities to secure your future.


Some good monetary gains here are to enliven spirits. However, with Mercury being in the third House, do not expect the gains to be really major. You will be able to meet all your requirements comfortably and if you use your money wisely, you may even end up saving a tidy sum, which you can invest to provide for the rainy day.


Planetary positions are indicative of a healthy financial position for you here. You may need to increase monetary provision for requirement of family, household. In view of combined influence of Mars and Saturn, over the 12th House, concerned with expenses, keep enough provision for emergency needs.


Your financial prospects stand to enhance here. However, aspect of retrograde Saturn may push you to incur expenses unexpectedly. In view of this have enough provision for unplanned expenses. If you are planning to invest your hard-earned money in the stock market, Ganesha advises you not to do so without expert and reliable guidance.


You are to miss some good earning opportunity, at the beginning. You will not be able to gauge the importance of the opportunity coming your way. In turn you are not to respond promptly to benefit from the opportunity. From Wednesday you are to become alert and give befitting response to avail opportunity coming your way.


Managing financial matters effectively is to remain a difficult task. This can be attributed to presence of Mars in the 2nd House, revealing financial matters. You need to set your priorities, short term and long term after due deliberation. However, you need to keep enough provision for emergency. You may incur expense to help out a relative for some urgent needs.


No major expenses are likely to be incurred here, and no major monetary gains are to accrue. You are to manage your routine incidental expenses comfortably and also save some money. However, Ganesha advises you to pull up your socks and pay greater attention to saving more money and invest it in long-term securities.


Sun is now in own Sign, that regal fiery Leo; you can expect better times in regard to money matters. You are to get good opportunity to shore up your finances. Park your savings, spare money in a safe avenue for good. If you are thinking of investing your money on the stock market, seek expert guidance before doing so.


Retrograde Saturn and Mars in own Sign aspect the second House, concerned with finances. These aspects do not sound well for your financial health. Hence, handle matters related to finance much carefully. No major monetary gains are to accrue here for now. Do not lend any money to friends or relatives.


You are to not to incur any major extra expenses this time around. In turn you are to save money satisfactorily. Some minor monetary gains here are to keep you in high spirits. However, Ganesha advises you to keep your money safely, and not spend it extravagantly on luxurious things, and invest it in long-term bonds.


You need to check your personal habitual expenses to have more money your pocket to spend for some useful purpose. You are to feel happy on receiving encouraging returns from investment made earlier. However, Ganesha advises you no to succumb to temptations to splurge this windfall on unnecessary luxurious items.

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