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Five Possible Contenders Who Could Succeed Vishal Sikka


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Astro Predict: How will your finances be this week?


You will be very fortunate as you stand a very good opportunity to gain through inheritance. Now, wait, do not build castles in the air. You will have to be patient enough to wait for the legal formalities to finish. You will be able to satisfy to quench your desires to indulge in your personal shopping. Invest your money safely.


Sun in its own sign Leo along with Mars and malefic Rahu stationed in the second house, indicates that you’ll have some difficulties in your financial health. Monetary gains will be stray and you’ll not be able to live very comfortably. Refrain from taking decisions related to major financial involvement for now.


Solar eclipse taking place in the second house can have long-term consequences, in matters related to finance. If planets in your natal chart portend, this eclipse can lead to a windfall for you. Keep your hopes high and miracles will take place. You are likely to gain handsome monetary gains that will keep you on a high pedestal.


Venus and Sun exchange signs here. These changes are a good sign as it will ease pressure if any in matters related to finance. You will earn encouraging monetary gains and this will assist you to look after any incidental expenses. However, you must not think of any investment for now.


Mercury in own sign in the second house will ensure that you take care of your finances with due intelligence. You will have enough finances to handle your needs in the first few days of the week. However, with Mercury turning retrograde over the weekend the scenario will change into a gloomy picture. Tie your purse strings.


Mercury is in retrogression while navigating through the second house, it is strongly influenced by retrograde Saturn posited in the fifth house. All this position means that the time is not ripe for any major financial involvement. In the meantime save your money and do not over spend on comforts.


There will be a constraint in the flow of money this week. Of course, you will be able to live comfortably within your means. You will, however, not be able to spend on entertainment and other pleasures of life. You will have to curb the temptation of indulging in unnecessary expenses.


Influence of Saturn over Sun now posited in the second house has potential to harm your position on the financial front. There will be a sudden shortage of financial gains for you. In view of this handle matters related to financial involvement very much cautiously. Refrain from fresh long term investment.


There will some desire to earn some money without any sustained efforts. Retrograde Venus exchanging sign with Mars will hold your prospects of earning some minor gains. This may be very less but enough to sustain you and enliven your spirits. Avoid from making any fresh financial investments.


This week will strengthen your financial position albeit, it will take a long time to see the results physically. Jupiter and Venus exchange signs and signals this good news. The delay is purely due to your planet, Mercury turning retrograde. Keep patience and you will soon be able to enjoy the money. Save enough for the future.


Exalted Venus will facilitate the encouraging opportunity for monetary gains. You will, however, have to be careful and act judiciously in your spending. However, with crafty Mercury still in retrogression, do not raise aspirations too high. You will remain in a healthy position on the financial front. Save prudently for the future.


Planetary positions portend about some good news in matters of finance. There will ample of opportunities to make some monetary gains. However, you will have to make use of these opportunities. Any negligence in responding can result in loss of the opportunity. So remain vigilant and be ready to work hard.

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