PM Narendra Modi Promises Stable Tax Regime, More Reforms

 PM Narendra Modi Promises Stable Tax Regime, More Reforms

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As we all know that talks is the only way but unfortunately it seems like Pakistan is going back on everything they promised to India. We can only say to the PM Modi that the whole country stands united with its fight against terrorism. But PM Modi has to take decisive and time bound steps.


RPN Singh Congress


Whatever the appropriate steps the government has to take have been taken and in that direction. The foreign secretary dialogue did not take place as it has been postponed. Government of India has already raised its concern and Pakistan has to respond to it. We have to wait for it and accordingly Indian government will have its structured response.

Siddharth Nath Singh BJP


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Astro Predict: How will your finances be this week?


Some good news this time around is about encouraging returns from investment made earlier, assures Ganesha. This shall give you enough cause to cheer up. Deliberate over the risk factor well enough, or consult an expert, prior to making any fresh investments. The period here seems favorable for rarning handsome monetary gains.


Planetary positions here are indicative of you being in a strong financial position this time around. In turn you are to enjoy a more comfortable lifestyle. Influence of Saturn over the second House is not measured as positive one. Plan your finances with long term in view and keep enough provision for emergency.


Planetary transits indicate that you are likely to spend money for buying luxuries and adding comforts to your home at beginning of the week. You are then to repent about spending money indiscriminately. In spite of this you are to have enough money in your pocket to meet regular incidental expenses effortlessly.


Some minor financial lose is envisaged here. Due to influence of contrasting nature over ruler of the second House Sun, handle matters related to finance much carefully. Do not risk money to enhance your prospects. Keep away from the stock exchanges and consult some good investment expert to find out the best way to invest your funds.


You are to be keen on deploying spare funds in a productive way to increase your income. Married ones are to receive to encouraging support from their partner for life, in this regard. You may need to increase provision for family. Ganesha advises you to totally cut down on unnecessary expenses to increase your savings fund.


Career oriented ones are to have monetary gains, in form of out of turn incentive for good work done. Superiors will be highly impressed with you, and Ganesha advises you to keep up the good work. Businesspersons are also to have a good gainful time this week. Overall, favorable period for matters related to finance.


Two planets of contrasting nature, Jupiter and Rahu are positioned in the 12th House, concerned with expenses in general. This indicates that you are likely to find that money just slips out of your hands. In view of this, make your priorities after due deliberations regarding domestic requirements and spend money accordingly.


Ruler of the second House, connected with finances in general Jupiter is associated with malefic Rahu and transits in retrograde mode. This position of Jupiter does not paint a happy picture about your finances. You need to manage your earnings wisely and focus on savings. Curtail all unnecessary expenses to bolster savings.


No major monetary gains are going to accrue this week, according to Ganesha. However, you will be able to meet regular and incidental expenses comfortably and also will be able to save money satisfactorily. However, do not blow away your savings by buying luxurious things, but investing it wisely with your future security in mind.


Planetary positions here are indicative of some financial loss for you. Else there is a possibility of incurring major expenses for emergency need of the family. Keep an effective check on your personal habitual expenses. This is not an encouraging period for you here for matters related to finance.


Planetary positions here are to present enough opportunity to benefit monetarily. However, you may not be able to take full advantage of the opportunities coming your way. This seems because of not being able to take timely decisions when needed. You might benefit from consulting a financial expert.


Mars is the ruler of the second House, indicative of finances in general. Mars is well placed in own Sign Scorpio in the ninth House. This indicates a strong financial position for you. Good time here to make fresh investment in productive way. Ganesha advises you to consult an investment expert so that you don't make any silly mistakes.

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