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The Coming IPL War

The Coming IPL War

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Will There Be An Opposition 'Mahagathbandhan' Against Modi In 2019 LS Polls?

The results of elections to five states held recently have been cataclysmic – while the BJP claims PM Narendra Modi’s “Congress-mukt Bharat” dream is closer to realisation, it also says it’s now the only pan-Indian political party in the country

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Modi's Schemes To Encourage Entrepreneurship Among Women

One plan launched by the government focuses on improving gender ratio in the country by encouraging more girl children

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Flipkart Goes Flapping

Flipkart’s new CEO Binny Bansal has gone to town explaining some new matrix on how to judge the e-tailer’s performance. It is an apology. At best, it is a remarkable bit of squirming and twisting having been caught on the wrong foot

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An Economic Renaissance?

In the next one year, during which he will cross the midpoint of his prime ministership, Modi must hunker down to execute schemes already in place: Make in India, Digital India, Smart Cities and many others...

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Kickstarting The Demand Cycle

India needs not only consistent annual GDP growth rate of 7.5-8 per cent but rapid job creation. Jobless growth can be both a social and political disaster given India’s youthful demographics...

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Catastrophes Linked To Climate Change May Cause $158 Trillion Damage By 2050

According to a World Bank report, 1.3 billion people are expected to suffer the effects of climate changes in the next three decades...

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Crony capitalism must be banished from India. The most fundamental condition for this would be to reform the system of electoral funding. Unless regulated, undeclared payments will be made by corporates to political people and businesses will demand quid pro quo. Thus, the basic condition for ending crony capitalism is to reform our election funding system.


Rajiv Kumar Economist, Senior Fellow at Centre for Policy Research


Crony capitalism can be curbed in India only if we have a better regulatory mechanism and if we do not create artificial monopolies. In order to eradicate it from our system, corporates have to follow rules and make their transactions transparent. If this happens, their names will not appear in future scams like the Panama Papers.

Dileep Padgaonkar Political Commentator


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PM Modi Has Put India On The World Economic Map

Sandeep Aggarwal, Founder and CEO of Droom, a marketplace to buy and sell used cars, shares his views on how the Narendra Modi government has impacted the startup ecosystem in the country in the last 2 years and what more can be done

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Astro Predict: How will your finances be this week?


Some intelligent move by you is to work well in benefiting you handsomely on the financial front. This is to give enough cause to cheer up. Execute due discrimination while going out to spend money. Keep a effective check on unwarranted expenses for good. Children may become very demanding, and you must handle them with great tact.


With two strong planets in retrograde motion, influencing the house, indicative of finances in general, does not spell well for your financial health. Considering this, remain cautious while handling matters related to finance. Do not take undue risk to earn more money. Increasing monetary provision for family is to become necessary.


You are likely to incur major expense related to family here. Around midweek you are to have an opportunity to benefit monetarily. This is to some extent compensate for the expense incurred related to family. Handle matters related to finance with a cool head and focus on saving money. If children become too demanding, handle them with diplomacy.


With Sun transiting through the 12th House, remains much careful in financial transactions. Do not risk money for some quick gains. You stand to lose money if you are not careful. Overall things do not look bright on financial front. All the more reason for you to totaly cut out all unnecessary expenses and build a savings reserve.


Mercury and Jupiter now direct in motion signals good times in money matters for you. Make good use of these favorable planetary positions to shore up your finances. You need to remain focused about saving money. You may also get a good opportunity to earn some extra money through a freelance project.


You are to feel comfortable due to strong position on financial front. No major expenses to incur here. However, you have to make more monetary provision for needs of household. Children are likely to become very demanding, something which you have to consider very carefully. You may give in to their demands if you think it will motivate them.


Jupiter and Mercury now in direct mode are to facilitate good monetary gains without exerting much. This is to act as morale booster for you. However, do not handle money matters driven by instinct. Remain cautious while handling big money. Try to set aside all surplus funds until you find the right investment avenue.


Mercury and Jupiter both now transiting in direct mode signals favorable time for matters related to finance. Make good use of this supportive time to enhance your financial prospects. At the same time keep enough provision for unexpected expenses to incur. If you have surplus funds, you would do well to invest them wisely to secure your future.


You are to remain in a healthy financial position here. If have spare money, park the same in a safe avenue. No major kind of expenses here to bother you. There may, however, be great temptations to splurge your surplus funds on luxury items, but Ganesha cautions you that you shall almost surely regret it later, so avoid it.


There are no positive influences to have encouraging monetary gains here. You need to effectively check your personal expenses and some unwarranted ones and save more money. Ganesha advises you t invest any surplus funds in long-term securities. Children may becoem very demanding, and will have to be handled diplomatically.


Venus is to work well in leading to comfortable position on the financial front. You need to effectively check wasteful expenses to have more money in your pocket. Remain concerned about saving money. There may be a fleeting opportunity of making some extra money on the side, but if you are not alert, you will miss it.


Mercury becoming direct now is to enable you to save money for future needs satisfactorily. You are to come across other avenue to have some extra money. This is to act as kind of morale booster for you. You need to manage finances wisely and not impulsively. Avoid the temptation to purchase luxurious items.

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