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We Need To Speed Up The Zahedan Railway Line Project Says Afghanistan’s Ambassador To India

"Afghanistan believes in initiatives that are aimed at connectivity. We are looking for a win-win situation for the entire region. We should not be stopping any kind of economic initiatives," Shaida Mohammad Abdali, Afghanistan’s Ambassador to India

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Astro Predict: How will your finances be this week?


Planetary positions here indicate that financial assistance to a relative for doing business will result in loss of money. You will eventually after very long, get the money back in full measure, so do not sulk. You will remain in a healthy financial position. However, no increase in your income is foreseen for now. So you are called upon to make wise and calculated moves to save for the future


You know that you have enough funds to keep you going for the next few months. This should not be the reason for over spending on unnecessary things. You need to check effectively personal and some wasteful expenses here and remain concerned with saving more money for future needs. Keep enough provision for contingency.


Some good encouraging monetary gain is likely to ensue here. Tuesday and Wednesday are lucky days for you as you will get huge gains. You will be tempted to deviate from normal ethical practices to earn more money. However, doing this can be a great risk and you may be apprehended by the law.


Two benefices making home in the fifth house is a sure indication of a surge in inflow of money for you. So cheer up and remain prepared to welcome the new opportunity and work upon the same to enhance your financial prospects. While you achieve progress and handle your monetary gains very effectively, you will learn to bite how much you can chew.


Expenses related to family will be on the rise. Hence you will remain tight fisted on your own personal expenditure. Now it is essential to set your short term and long term goals and work to achieve them. Mercury closing in with Saturn will make you averse to taking financial risk here. You will consult an expert before you shore off the money in different avenues.


Mars as a ruler of the eighth house is posited in the house linked to finances. This means that unless you are careful and cautious about money matters; you can incur loss of money. Be careful of your expenditure. If you owe money, the lenders will come knocking at your doors.


The week portends satisfactory gains for you. However, sudden increase in household expenditure is foreseen. For this you have to plan your funds very well keeping in mind the future concern. Your planets will give you the necessary intellectual to securely run the show. You will meet the expense comfortably here.


Good news will beckon you to be in a cheerful mood. You are in the midst of a strong financial position. You will have a continuous in flow of money. In euphoria about coming good times, you will spend money erratically. Fortunately, Saturn and Mercury together in the second house will make you wiser in handling money matters.


Financially this week is more comfortable than the previous one. You are soon going to reach all time high in financial opportunities. Mars will present these opportunities to you. Be on the lookout. You will have enough monetary gains. Your personal and incidental expenses will also increase. Make sure you spend your money wisely.


Three major planets linked with gains will usher in good tidings to you and your family. You will be presented good encouraging opportunity to gain monetarily. If you grab these opportunities in the right way then the gains are sure to enliven your spirits and keep you motivated for battling with odds and keep marching on road to progress.


Financially a very stable week is indicated for you. You will remain in a healthy financial position and enjoy the comforts of life. Managing routine and incidental expenses will not to be an issue for you. Inflow of money will increase by leaps and bounds. You will satisfy the needs of your family and ensure that they remain contended.


Position of Mars here signal some inflow of money unexpectedly. Planets in your natal chart also confirm this. The gain here will strengthen your financial portfolio and will give enough cause to cheer up. You are likely to recover your blocked money. Those who deal with foreign resources will gain wealth from those resources

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